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Should childrens have cellphones

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Started: 5/11/2014 Category: Society
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I think that nowadays everyone of us need a cellphone either an adult or a children


Hi! I'd gladly accept your debate.
I see that you're not really an expert with the English language, so we'll keep it simple okay?
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting debate
Ok keep it simple but why do think I'm not an expert?!


Sorry if I offended you... it's simply because your English has some grammatical mistakes, but alright, i'll think those away!

Here are my arguments:

1) Cellphones will most likely be used as toys - expensive toys - by children. Talking to people is fun, yes, but isn't this an expensive way to spend your free time?

2) The best-selling phones are obviously the very expensive iphones. By buying those, children will no longer be children as they basically carry something around that would be worth four years of christmas presents back in the old days. Not just the price, also it being a mobile computer on which they can do anything else but play like children should do.

3) It makes them less social. Because they're so fun, they tend to be on them so much that even going out with friends involves alot of phone-checking. This might be considered normal now, but it gets very annoying for the other persons.

The age on which a person should be allowed a phone, is in my opinion the age of 13. They should only be allowed an iPhone on the age of 16. A phone should not be a fun thing, it should be a social necessity that stays in your pocket more than that it is in your hands.
Debate Round No. 2


I agree with you that it is an expensive way and that children will no longer but the main reason in support of kids having cell phones is safety. Childrens can call home or emergency services when trouble arises when armed with a cell phone, as well as giving us the ability to locate their whereabouts with GPS features.


Your counterargument is safety.

I don't think you bought an expensive phone thinking about "safety". You bought it for fun. If you ask someone between 9-16 years old, they most likely won't even know the alarm number in most countries.

Also, if you are kidnapped/being forced to do something/attacked you won't have the time to call. Most likely they'll take your cellphone. More and more, people are even robbed BECAUSE they have such expensive phones.

The only advantage situation of having such mobile computer is when 1) you're completely lost and need help, and 2) you're always available when someone needs you.
I believe children are capable of avoiding such situations and shouldn't need to have a cellphone (let alone a super expensive one!) just for these 2 situations!

This is already the end of this debate.
I would like to conclude by thanking Nadine for her interesting topic choice!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Nadine1997 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Ok. To start, when you say that the Con has grammatical errors, you should make sure you are better first. To start, 'I' in 'I'll" needs to be capitalized. "Sorry if I offended you... it's simply because your English has some grammatical mistakes, but alright, i'll think those away!" If I remember correctly, ",but alright" should only have a comma after the alright and NOT before the but.

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