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Should churches (defined as churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, etc.) remain tax-exempt?

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Started: 11/17/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For generations churches have remained tax free, but is this a thing of the past?
To put it nicely, churches are built in our country and receive government services. Is it fair that these services are free all because of religion? The cost of Government must be shared EQUALLY, by all. Not in proportion to income, race, gender, age, religion, wealth, etc. Why are churches given an exemption, over a task that should be performed by all regardless of their beliefs. Churches should stop avoiding taxation and feeding of the hard work of others (including the poor) and getting to live the high-life. It's time for churches to accept responsibility, and support their country and its citizens, simply by paying taxes.


Hello I am Aidan and I will be telling you why churches should be taxed. The L.A times has stated that "Churches are tax exempt under the principle that there is no surer way to destroy the free exercise of religion than to tax it."but this is not the case at all since we would not be hindering the practise just taxing it since there is no logical reason for why we don't, only a emotional one. Another point is that churches have refused couples who supported or were homosexual. An example is "A Victorian church refused to marry a young couple and cancelled their wedding plans because the bride-to-be expressed support for same-sex marriage on Facebook." from the The Sunday Morning Herald. This is not legal since they get founding from the government and are not a self founded private business which means that they can not turn away someone on the believes of that said person. This is not the only example of a church doing this. America has had many cases of this even though gay marriage is legal. The church should not be able to refuse people if they get founding from the government. If they keep doing this they should be taxed and should be held accountable. That is all for this round.
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Unfortunately, Aidan, you have taken the wrong side of the debate on accident I see, so your arguments were not valid to your side of the topic.
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Posted by DanielDKW 2 years ago
Hell yeah churches should be charged with taxes because any person with half of a brain knows any church is a con job to begin with..
Posted by YakovF 2 years ago
I think churches should be charged with taxes. In-case you say I'm Jewish (I have a Jewish name), I think shuls (Jewish synagogues) should also be taxed.
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