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Should citizens without a law degree be able to give law advice officially even under the age of 20?

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Started: 11/2/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes I definitely think citizens without a law degree should be able to give legal advice for money.



As this is a short debate/and as there's only a 30 minute argument period-I will make my case concise.

Now, to my knowledge, individuals under the age of 20 and above are able to train within non-fee paying legal settings (advice bureaus, etc.) and give people legal assistance without monetary payment in return; I.e, they do it for free, and on a voluntary basis.

It's quite different, however, when there's a client who is paying money to receive legal advice; so it's essential that the individual providing that legal advice has trained at an academic institution (university) for the required period of time. To put it in simple terms, one could view it as a financial transaction; the client is getting the expertise they need, and the lawyer is getting financial compensation/payment for giving it. But, the only reason that he/she is able to give it to a fee-paying client is because they are qualified to do so.
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Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
So, this debate didn't work out too well for you. Since your opponent, left, without notice...
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
For fuckss sake...
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
15 minutes...
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