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Should civilians be allowed to use guns? What qualifiers should there be?

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Started: 6/16/2017 Category: Politics
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My argument is that civilians should be allowed to use/carry guns. The qualifiers being that they [the potential gun-holder] cannot be mentally ill or near a mentally ill person, they must have a safe place far from reach of children.

Of course, they cannot have a (large, excessive) criminal record (will expand in comments if asked). The potential gun-holder must have gone through a course in which they are taught the use of a gun and how to store it.

I, personally, think that a teacher/parent/adult having a gun in any of the one-too-many mass shooting that have taken place within the past decade or so, might've stopped the shooter, therefore minimizing casualties.

This is the reaction of teens after the Newport shooting (Conneticut):

They most likely do not see things from my point of view...but I think this is the best way to minimize the deaths of innocent children and many others.



First off, in what way can we prove someone is not mentally ill or that wont get their gun close to their children? The "mentally ill" part maybe could be solved with some tests if the disease in question is easily recognizable but if not, how?
Even if you give the civilians legal orders to stay their gun away from the children, who's to say they wont still do it, or one day just forget about it and have it at a normal place? There IS no way to make sure that someone keeps their gun away from children or wont use it in hiding for evil purposes.

And while yes there are one or two cases where having a gun can come in handy at home, but they don't compare with the risk of someone using that gun to do other shootings by themselves or have an accident. (See

The minimizing deaths of those children that could act in self defense is way lower than the risk of those people using their guns for bad purposes, therefore there isn't a point on letting people have guns on their home.
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Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
How many characters in each argument are you going to allow?
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