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Should college athletes be paid

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Started: 2/23/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe college athletes should be paid, here's why. Every year there are several rookie athletes that only stay for their freshman year like Deontae Davis for Michigan St U where if he was paid even only a small amount he might have stayed.


College athletes should not be paid for various reasons. First and foremost I would like to say that the idea of scholarships is plenty enough for athletes. Most athletes receive compensation such as scholarships and financial aid instead. I do believe in the freedom of choice for the athletes, for Example: Brandon Ingram was a one year and done star small forward on the duke basketball team. If the student has the ability to go to the next level and potentially make millions of dollars in a league above then he should by all means do that. Paying the student only potentially stay at university should not be put on the shoulders of the other students, this is America where we have the freedom of choice, and if the students priorities are to receive an education then he will stay, if he want to go pro and make a huge amount of money that is also his choice, it's ultimately up to him or her. If the university is required to pay students it would ultimately affect all other students as well.
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