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Should congress have term limits?

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Started: 3/8/2018 Category: Politics
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Do you think that the congress should have term limits? Well i do because there are so many people that are in congress that have been there since before the internet was a thing. I'm sorry but i just think we need new members in congress.


Though it might seem as though you need term limits you do not, there kind of is... you can not be in congress if you are not voted up. therefore the people choose who is in, putting limits just makes it bad for the voters, since it makes them not have as many choices. if we had someone who could solve world hunger, but needs one more term (not likely but this is an extreme example) then you should continue to vote for them. if you want john smith, for instance, to be in congress and he is very good, but he already served 2 terms, well then you should still vote for them. but if you do not like someone for taking to many terms, just vote against him. if he is still voted he deserves it, that is why Franklin Roosevelt had 4 terms, and he was (someone can debate this) a good president. therefore you should not have terms limits.
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Posted by Bobby1376 3 years ago
So are you going to vote?
Posted by DeepInThought 3 years ago
This is a tough one, on one hand, things change and the same old way of thinking can become obsolete. On the other hand, we do need wise and experienced leadership. The debaters will have their work cut out for them. I will be following this one, and will be very interested on seeing what Pro, and who ever will be Con have to say.
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