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Should cyberbulling gets banned?

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Started: 3/30/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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When someone crosses the line and causes any sort of harm, even psychological, there should be consequences. The internet has become a tool for many things, and unfortunately, some people have come to use it as their method of anonymous bullying. Many sites have the ability to send anonymous messages, which has its fair uses, yes, but it also opens up a way for cyberbullies to victimize others without running the risk of being called out, or having their parents, guardians, or local police step in.

How can you believe that cyberbullying isn't as much of a problem as offline bullying when it is still an issue that constantly eats away at its victims? Not everyone is the same when it comes to emotional abuse. An occasional comment of "you're ugly" is certainly nothing to think about too much, but constant abuse from all directions (even including offline, in some cases) is extremely hard to ignore. To make matters worse, bullies almost always go for the people they know they can affect, i.E., the people who cannot so easily brush off hurtful words. One thing leads to another, and in the worst-case scenario, the victim commits suicide. There have been studies done on the link between cyberbullying and suicide rates. The resulting conclusions are alarming and disturbing. The internet is not comprised entirely of thick-skinned adults. There are younger adults, teenagers, even children on the world wide web. With all that has already been done to protect the more emotionally vulnerable online, creating laws that make cyberbullying illegal seems like a logical next step, considering the damage that has already been done and the damage that will continue to harm and destroy the lives of others if new measures are not taken. This also means that free speech, while a wonderful part of the basis of the United States, may need to play second fiddle when taking into consideration the lives of others.

Leaving cyberbullying as legal, but less-than-desirable, is not a strong enough deterrent, as we all can plainly see. Should laws be created to combat cyberbullying, potential cyberbullies would likely think twice about sending hate. For some of them, even the enticing anonymity wouldn't be enough to cause them to follow through.


Cyberbullying is one of the most preventable forms of bullying ever. I think that rather than banning it, we need to teach people how to deal with it. The internet has block buttons, report buttons, new tabs, and off buttons. You can surround yourself with more positive people (which aren't hard to find) and just block the bullies. Most people don't know how to deal with it and just wallow in the insults, when you CAN delete things and fill yourself with happier things. Regular bullying isn't illegal, so what makes its lesser and more preventable sister more illegal? You can't delete physical and real verbal insults from your life, but you can delete it off of your page. Make your accounts private! Utilize your block and report buttons! Or if you really can't handle it, get off of the internet.

I also don't believe anybody is truly anonymous on the internet. If you tote around how horrible and "enticing" internet anonymity is, you can't really say they should be arrested for it. If they're so anonymous, how do we punish them? It's so much easier to just teach people the proper way to deal with them instead of searching for someone who called another person a bitch over the internet.

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Posted by FLYINGDOG02 3 years ago
I think that internet should be controlled by the police and I think that psychological damages are worst than physical
Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
If you get your feelings hurt by some random person you don't know or see, you shouldn't be allowed to use the internet.
Posted by theantiweeaboo 3 years ago
Oheyo, did you just say "even psychological"? Psychological damage is WAY worse than physical.
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