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Should cyberbullying be punished?

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Started: 4/9/2021 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I PERSONALLY think so because of the effect that cyberbullying has on people. I, For one, Have been cyberbullied before, And I have been depressed for years now. People can also dox or threaten to dox if they don't do stuff that's dangerous or revealing.

Let's hear the opposition's reasoning


Hey there,

Apologies. Had a lot of work to do in the last few days. Here are the arguments.

First, I'm sorry to hear you've been cyberbullied before. The effect it has on people can be devastating, I'm sure, Whether online or face-to-face, And I understand where the idea of punishing online bullies comes from.
Reassure yourself: almost every social media platform has a list of policy measures that must be respected. People who go against those rules are subject to getting reported and banned. Punishment already exists for unethical online behaviors: closing one's account, Thus stopping the action from continuing. Dangerous online threats (doxing, For example) are often reported to the police (or teachers if the situation occurs between classmates).
Why I believe the punishment should not go further consists of two things: quantity and context.
Let me explain.

In face-to-face bullying, It is much simpler to figure out who and what started the aggression. On the Internet, Despite one person seeming to be the aggressor, Pieces of the story are often missing. Don't get me wrong: this is not ALWAYS the case, But the number of people claiming to be the victim when the aggression goes both ways is higher online than in real life. This is what I mean by "context. " If both sides equally insult each other, It is rather a fight than bullying, Which frequently happens behind the screen. Reciprocal misbehavior is easily mistakable for harassment. Many internauts twisting facts to their own advantage would create a lot of confusion if further punishment measures were installed, Leading to investigations and other problems.

Secondly is quantity. With hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of cyberbullying cases each day, If every single one had to be brought to a courthouse after its investigation, Things would get out of hand and result in catastrophe: not enough judges nor time for other crimes, Missing parts to the story, Et cetera, Which is why I believe the current punishments are sufficient.

Have a good day!
Debate Round No. 1


I apologize for my rudeness.

First of all, Sometimes, You can tell it's the same person (via grammar, The way they word their sentences, Etc. ), Plus, Most, If not all people who are cyberbullied say they have had thoughts of depression or suicide.

Here is a study from Touro. Edu: "A study of teens ages 13 to 17 from Harris Interactive found that 58 percent of middle school students and 56 percent of high school students admitted feeling angry as a result of cyberbullying experiences. Thirty-seven and 32 percent respectively felt hurt, While 18 and 11 percent felt scared. "

Second, I understand that cyberbullying happens every day. It's an unavoidable thing, But more action should be taken to limit the number of cases of cyberbullying, Like fines, Harsher punishments, Etc.

I'm looking forward to your next point.

Source: https://www. Tuw. Edu/health/impact-of-cyberbullying/
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MPriscilla 2 months ago
Hello everyone!

With much respect, I will give my opinion.
I agree that cyberbullying must be punished, I mean that it is mistreatment through the internet where the victims are attacked through aggressive comments by the aggressors. These bad actions bring fatal consequences such as depression, Anxiety, Personality changes, Low self-esteem, Changes in behavior, And in the worst case, Suicidal thoughts. Also, There is not much difference between street abuse and virtual abuse. In other words, It is still abuse and must be sanctioned, Or at least implement measures that help to regulate or even eliminate it.
Posted by Luigi7255 2 months ago
Okay, Seriously, Where's the argument?
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
I think it'd be fair of a website to prohibit bullying on their site, Since it can lead to toxicity, Is cruel.
And the website may highly desire function on it's site.
May desire 'right behavior and manners on it's site.

I think it'd be fair for a website to 'allow bullying on their site, If the owners and users highly value self determination, Thick skin, Freedom of expression.
Though bullying on such a site may 'still experience consequences, As there exist people who though they value aforementioned values, 'don't value bullies.
And said bullies may end up socially isolated.
'Could happen they end up socially praised though, Since groups often encourage attacks on their enemies. Such as some anti-theist groups 'or theist groups.

I suppose my opinion is that cyber bullying in 'general, 'should usually be punished.
Though I don't mind the existence of sites that 'allow it.
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