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Should debaters travel across countries to debate

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Started: 11/15/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Honorable judges, fellow debaters, and most esteem guests and timers. Today, we are debating on the topic that debaters should go across countries to debate. The proposition side will argue for debaters to go to other countries to debate. The opposition side will argue for debaters not to go to other countries for debate.

1. debaters- students or teachers that debate
2. across country- to travel over a border of a country

Contention 1: More experience
Debaters going across countries will gain more experience in debating and learn strategies that no one used in that country.

Contention 2: Friendship
Debaters can make friends with other debaters across the globe

Contention 3: Better opponents
Debaters will meet challenging opponents and will learn from these opponents.

Thank you for looking through this. Good luck to my opponent.


Dear judges, and people who love debates. Today, we are debating on the topic that debaters should go across countries to debate and in my opinion, Debaters shouldn't be debating around countries.

Contention 1: Time

- Time is one of the things we don't get back in life, why to lose it on something non-professional? Even though the flaw of my opponent is not specifying if debaters are minors or not, in the case, if they were minors they will LOSE time to study in school.

Contention 2: Stress

- If preparing Debates is already hard, making them IN OTHER COUNTRIES seems hard, and not only because of the evidence or stuff but that includes the LANGUAGE in that country. For example, do you think someone would debate in English, in France? I don't think so. Preparing on other language is hard enough to do that.

Contention 3: Pricing

- Something my opponent didn't specify in, was about the pricing. How are debaters travelling to another country? By paying themselves the money? I think that is not good, and it's unintelligent. People should not waste money on a Debate, when they can waste it on vacations.

Hope people in here will understand how travelling seems more difficult than other things.
Debate Round No. 1


Honorable judges, fellow debaters, and most esteem guests and timer. I am the second speaker of the proposition side.
In this speech, I would like to refute all of my opponent's case. The proposition side would like to point out that in the next two speeches, there would be no new arguments, due to unfair rebuttal timing. Now I would move on to refuting the con case line by line.

Con contention 1: Time- Refutation
- As time is one of the most important things in life, as you cannot buy time, it is essential for a person to use it wisely. A wise debater is to travel around the world to debate on different topics and meet new friends. As a debater, I would like to travel oversea to debate on topics. This would increase efficiency in debate for my career.

Con contention 2: Stress- Refutation
- Preparing a debate is some sort of requirement for debaters to join a tournament. Preparing for an oversea tournament would only improve efficiency on prepping and also there are debates where you don't prep before hand (Parliamentary debates) This does not increase stress.

Con contention 3: Pricing- Refutation
- An oversea trip is expensive, but using it for educational purposes only better than a relaxing speech. I would like to point out that debating is so much of a benefit that a price like that is worth it.

Thank you for looking. I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this challenge. That is my speech.


Dear people who enjoys Netflix, and loves to Debate. As I see, it's my turn to oppose the contentions of my opponent:

Contention 1: More experience - Why?
Why to go to another country, and gain more experience if you can get more experience in their own country?

Contention 2: Friendship - How?
How will I be that close to a friendship with someone from Switzerland if I'm from America? Texting? It doesn't work.

Contention 3: Better opponents - More pressure
This will bring people to have more pressure, and maybe even start a bias, for example, if someone from Mexico debates in the U.S. and fails, people might start saying Mexicans can't debate. And trust me, they SURE can.

As my opponent said about the pricing, I would prefer to have good vacations rather than debates. Thanks for your attention.
Debate Round No. 2


I do not think that this speech will include much more. My contentions creates higher benefits than the opposition's. The significance of my contentions outweighs my opponents contention. All the opponent's case has been refuted. Thank you.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
"Debaters can make friends with other debaters across the globe"
And yet you are Pro in the "Is the Earth flat?" debate. I'm really confused.
Furthermore, I think one round is too low for a topic like that. You won't have the opportunity to post your rebuttals.
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