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Should dog meat be banned?

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Started: 5/3/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Dog meat shouldn't be banned. There was dog meat cuisines in Asia for over 5000 years and being a man's friend or not is depended by whether it has its owner or not. Many of the reasons of banning dogs is emotional. Will you accept the challenge? :)


1. Dog meat has been eaten in multiple cultures for many years based on the myth that it has certain health benefits. People describe it as "warm" and say that eating it gets the blood flowing. In reality, people who eat dog meat can catch rabies, cholera, trichinellosis (trichinella is a zoonotic parasite), or get second hand antibiotic abuse. The antibiotics come from meat farmers who, in an effort to prevent disease and maximize production, will overuse antibiotics and vaccines. While that doesn't sound bad, it can lead to salmonella and campylobacter that become antibotic resistant. That leads to staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and escherichia coli. Since dogs aren't counted as livestock, there's not the same level of regulation done to ensure that the meat is properly raised, slaughtered, and distributed in a way that doesn't contaminate the meat.
In 2006, 50,000 dogs were beaten to death in Yunnan after people died of rabies (2000 people die because of it every year). During the Yunnan crackdown, authorities halted people who were walking their dog. The dogs were beaten to death on the spot. Not eating dog meat would prevent people from getting rabies.

2. Tradition was mentioned as a reason to keep eating dog meat. Tradition, while sometimes nice, isn't a good enough excuse for the myriad of reasons not to. Misogyny was once tradition. Slavery was once tradition. Public execution was once tradition. Just because something has been done one way for 5000 years doesn't mean we have to continue doing it.

3. The dog meat trade is filled with abuse. There's a common belief that the meat tastes better if the animal is tortured first, so the people in the industry will torture them. Dogs are hung by their necks and beaten, paralyzed and bled out, burned alive, or a number of other horrendous things. The countries who have completely outlawed the consumption (like Taiwan) no longer have the severe abuse. Countries who have not banned it (like China) still have many slaughterhouses using the torturous techniques to kill dogs. While some have tried to make dog slaughter humane, the enforcement is nonexistent. The only way to stop the abuse it to outlaw the meat.
Additionally, the people selling dogs have a monetary incentive to cram cages, not give water, not give food, over breed, deny veterinary care, etc. They will stuff as many dogs in a cage as they can fit, they will breed dogs until they die, and when transporting the dogs to market, they're denied sustenance.
With a lack of enforcement on humane treatment, you can't just say, "Slaughter them humanely" and expect it to happen.
The boiling alive, beating, bleeding, and electrocuting happens in front of the other dogs.

4. Some of them are pet dogs. There are specific dogs bred for meat consumption in areas like this (yellow dog, chinese hairless, etc), but investigations have shown that many slaughterhouses have spaniels, Labradors, and golden retrievers, which aren't being bred at meat farms. Live dogs are brought to festivals like the Yulin one and some of them still have collars on.

The dog meat trade is filled with disease, animal abuse, and disregard for safety (both human and canine). The only way to completely eliminate those negatives is to ban it.

Just look it up, on youtube. Animal rights activists have gone undercover and gotten videos of the slaughterhouses torturing the dogs. If you can watch those, hear the sounds the dogs are making, and then come back and say that you aren't willing to do whatever it takes to end it, I have nothing more to say to you.

(I will include all of my sources at the end of the final round)
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