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Should each safe country accept more refugees?

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Started: 11/18/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Good luck to my opponent. I believe that each safe country should not accept more refugees as they have transformed the society in which tbey migrate to instead of settling and assimilating into their societies. An example is Germany, where Islam is starting to slowly become a growing religion due to the immense ridiculous amounts of refugees that had been taken in. Not only had societies been changed due to the results of acceping refugees, but there have been increases in crime from migrants and refugees.


I think Muslims should be made to abide by the laws of the country. And, if they don't, they should be kicked out individually. I agree that Islam in its nature is quite an unstable religion which promotes inequality among men and women. However, many Muslims are in fact good people and there are a few bad eggs that give them all a bad name. I've known many Muslims and I kind of like how the community is varied; change and differences are an opportunity to see other points of view.

However I believe that a government should not be afraid to punish those who come here as a Muslim (often they are afraid of being accused of Islamophobia). If they commit crime, people who come here should be treated like someone who committed the crime from the country itself. This is equality.

I believe that especially refugee children should be taken in, to the extent that we can handle. It is the human thing to do, they go through shoot as it is, and I don't think the majority of them come here to cause trouble, they come here to escape from terrible circumstances. If we had to escape from our country, we may convince other countries to take us in as they know they we would do the same.
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It is agreed that some refugees should be accepted, but an excession of them could cause a conversion in society for the worse. In the Neherlands, there have been some protests for Sharia Law from refugees just as how their law works in their home country which shows how refugees refuse to assimilate into society but instead change it completely to how their community was in their native country. A varied community is good, however a community dominated and converted because of refugees is not.

My opponent pointed out "I don"t think the majority of them cone here to cause trouble, they come here to escape from terrible circumstances". While this is true to an extent, look at what has happened in several places in Europe. Increases in crime and terror attacks due to refugees has taken place. Multiple "no-go zones" have been created in cities such as Malm" in Sweden, which has been dubbed the "crime capital of Europe" after the amount of refugees that were accepted in.


I actually have no more arguments. You raise good points, so I'm going to forfeit :P

Just a question.
Because this seems to be more about Muslims being violent. But there have been refugees from other areas in the world that have settled in fine, like the Jews, and contributed to society. Do you think safe countries should accept refugees if they are not Muslim? And do you think countries should be able to discriminate?
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Haha, I actually thought I had been losing but alright.

Well, with other refugees in the past they were beneficial to the countries they had moved into and actually did settle in and integrate into society. I"m not saying that the current Muslim refugees cannot do that, in fact I believe that any refugee of any race from any part of the world could settle in. At the same time however any refugee from any part of the world could cause a conversion in society as I have pointed out before, not so much being violent and causing crime. I think countries should not be able to discriminate, however they should treat all refugees with extreme caution. It"s either they treat all with open welcoming arms or treat all with a watchful eye, and I believe that refugees should all regardless of any race should he treated carefully.


Haha you just made a 'for' argument for me! I should use that tactic more often lol.

Joking lol. No I feel like it is a complex topic to consider for governments. They have to consider security, how the economy will be affected, how much money can be put into giving them homes etc., and also their conscience. I feel like it can be done, to let them in; at least the children, which I would think would be more willing to integrate because they haven't been conditioned as much into completely closing off into their religion. Whole communities of Muslims form in the UK that are completely separate from the original citizens, they don't integrate and you can feel the tension in those areas. So I do get that we have to limit the amount we let in for all those reasons.

I don't know, I feel like if we didn't have a lot of Asians here, who would fill the roles of doctors, and more menial jobs that the UK don't want to do. In especially the roles of doctors and teachers there is a great demand which is not being met, because I don't think people want to work as hard as these roles do, which require specialist training, for the small amount of money they get. Asians in particular have helped us in that way.
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Haha, although this was meant to be a debate I can agree on that last paragraph. My parents are first generation immigrants so that"s one point we can borh agree on. However, some people have accused Asians and other races as invading their country, stealing all their jobs and all their properties. That"s another reason why some people do not appreciate refugees very much coming into their country. I also do believe regulations should be tight and strict for refugees coming into the country.

Yes all things have to be considered by governments when accepting refugees, as you said. A large amount of the economy must be allocated to refugee care, which is also another reason why people may not appreciate refugees coming in. Although this has never happened and this is very unlikely, economies may fall due to accepting refugees. And I do also believe children should be accepted as they can integrate into a community much better than adults.

Sorry my reply took long to create, I had no internet for a while
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