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Should educators attend psychology sessions?

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Started: 5/17/2021 Category: Education
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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Should educators receive psychiatric care/treatment to prevent mental and emotional disorders?

I think so yes. Why? Because if not then what can happen?

Well, If they do not seek mental health opportunities to keep them in check then we can expect any mental health issues and this can carry over to our new generations (youth) and be a bad influence. The thing is schools are a second home for all learners and therefore it is at utmost importance that all educators give their fullest and best efforts to grow these learners/children to a fuller person.

If you look at an educator that has low self-esteem what do you think will happen to the children in her class?

Let me make an example:

In a secondary school the grade 10 (female) teacher, 45 years old starts to bodily shame a young female learner about her weight. This female teacher is trying her very best to lose weight and suffers from an identity crisis and are unhappy with her results not to mention her lack of confidence in herself and about her looks. She thus decides it is best to bodily shame learners (where the school is also one of her stressors), To feel better of herself.

Now, She thought it will benefit her in some kind of psychological way to harm these poor learners bodily to receive her dirty confidence. But to find out her offence broke a lot of her learners in class and caused them the go through the same situation she is going through.

This is only one example of what is happening/occurring at schools to cause self-hate, Lack of self-confidence, Low self-esteem and self-discipline and self-respect.

Therefore I think it is best for the sake of your youth and then their youth one day to make a change and make mental health an everyday POSITIVE thing.

There is this stigma that goes around where people think seeking mental health care are for those with chronic mental disorders and not for "normal people".
Why can't "normal people not seek mental treatment?
We all face depression. I am not talking about chronic depression, I am talking about normal curable depression. Why not seek help rather than breaking yourself down and creating bad habits to maintain a fake positive outlook on things when you aren't really happy and doing things you must.
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Posted by C_N_E 2 months ago
@Brodiescott76 _ I Agree with what you've said 100%. They should be fired, But the thing is where I am from they stay in their positions and things just get worse. It is now even worse because children are dropping out of this particular school I went to because of the lack of support given by teachers. No one reports them or can - it never gets solved. {I am from South Africa}.

I feel teachers should see a therapist every once and a while if not weekly or monthly because it will benefit them. Maybe it's not the same idea and same education systems worldwide yes but it doesn't mean you cannot see the school and a second home. Most of your childhood you are growing up in it. <- my point of view>

Let's go back to my example mentioned: If that teacher went for counselling, Do you think she would've been the same?
Not only at school but at home?

This is only one wrongdoing that has occurred at school when I was a learner still <- Imagine what it's like now - This teacher is STILL EDUCATING AT THIS SCHOOL. . .

Another example: Say I finished my studies and wanted to apply at this particular school - they will not employ you. Not because of your grades or appearance etc. , But because you that leant and studied all new methods are of no use to this school. They still use the old techniques and this for one is illegal. People have complained about it = nothing get's done.

I do not think it is right for them criticised all methods that new students learn so that they can break them down and feel uncertain about what they've learnt and then they all decide eventually to quit and go to other schools.

None of our new youth members that studied education want to go to this school because they are afraid of being bullied.
Posted by brodiescott76 2 months ago
Im going to be a tad facetious but I think the major thing educators need is a reality check. I think many posess a highly inflated opinion of how important their job is and any program that fosters this "i have the hardest job in the world" mentality is a step in the wrong direction.

Children should not be subjected to the psychological weakness of an educator, If a teacher makes fun of a student like in your example they should be fired on the spot. Threat of losing a job will prevent teachers from taking their frustrations out on their students.
Posted by Surgeon 2 months ago
It seems to me your proposal is based on false assumptions, Then promoting a solution of deepening the "therapy culture". All humans are imperfect BUT not everyone needs therapy.

False assumption 1. You assume a school is a sort of second home. It is not! . It is an environment which provides an opportunity for learning and at least in part is a preparation for work. Students should not feel "at home". They need to learn discipline of how to go about the thinking process, How to work hard, How to get on even how to get up on time and that is important to meet or exceed expectations.

False assumption 2. You assume that people benefit from being isloated from things they do not like. The contrary is true. Uncomfortable situations educates people on how to deal with difficult situations and difficult personalities, How to negotiate. Basically human social skills they will need later in life. If you do not socially vaccinate people, By exposing them to difficult situations they are woefully unprepared for later life (and expect a big daddy to continually save them - often an overly powerful state).

We need less therapy culture not more, More judegmentalism not less. And if you want to improve the lives of young people, Perhaps they should spend less time on the internet (esp. Social Media) and more time reading books. Less time fretting about "Social Justice" and more time learning epistemolgy, Less time going on school strikes and more time on science, Maths and languages.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
I'd agree easily enough, That it's reasonable, Logical, That therapies be helpful for 'anyone, Even people not suffering from chronic or acute stress, Regarding their mental health.
Give's people another lifeline, They can reach out to, Should they ever come to a bad road in life. Even people who function well in life, Can often just be a bad experience away from needing therapy themselves. There's not 'really anything shameful about being in a bad spot in life, Often it just 'happens to us. Deaths in family or friends, Difficulty at work or home, Traumatic experiences or interactions.
I worked in mental health for a time, Had a coworker who had to attend anger management in the past for an incident he was involved in, Had another coworker who simply found it helpful to have someone to talk to about stress in life.

But admitting the 'reason of a course, Isn't the same as 'choosing that course.
I've yet to experiance anything bad enough in life, To debilitate me, Mix of luck in nothing 'bad enough happening, And resilience in what little 'has happened. I find it easier 'not to go.
I'm also just not fond of 'mandatory classes. I like my freedom and laziness, And don't mind it hurting me.
If I end up having 'too much difficulty in life personally, Maybe I'd seek therapy.
If it harmed my work or others, It'd be 'moreso and encouragement to seek therapy.
And again, Nothing wrong with 'normal people seeking therapy, As even 'normal people are improved by it, Can help them function 'even better, And gives a lifeline in case of possible future distress.
Posted by C_N_E 2 months ago
Please feel free to comment. I am interested in all viewpoints on this matter.

Do not hesitate to post your comment but please so in a manner that is respectful, Please.
Thank you to those who will be commenting and voting. Together we can make a difference in a better future.
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