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Should elementary school students have phones?

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Started: 10/1/2017 Category: Technology
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First, of I want to start off with the idea that ALL elementary school kids have no need for a phone because most schools don't offer sports or after-school activities for kids in elementary school. Thus they won't be in any situation where there alone and that there isn't a trusted adult( like a friends parent).


I must disagree with you for the reason that the cellphone (when I say that I mean smartphones) holds so much information by using the internet. And although it might seem a bit cheesy, it is true. Before the invention of the internet, most kids were just ignorant, and didn't bother finding information because it was just to hard at that time. But now when it is so easy to access information about just about any topic, children SHOULD use it.

And for the after-school part: What if it isn't a school event, but just hanging out with friends. If parents do let their elementary-aged child to play with his friends outside. They probably won't stalk them around, looking for dangers. Because of that it is actually important to carry a method of communication, just in case the child gets in trouble.

This is my first debate so don't wreck me so hard when it comes to the writing :/
Debate Round No. 1


I have to say a few things about your writing. First, the majority of cell phones are banned in elementary school causing them not to be brought to school or just left in a backpack. Also, cell phones are a huge distraction to this age group that doesn't have that much self-control causing the phone to become a device just to watch videos or play games. Instead, if kids need information they should ask their parents or go on a laptop/desktop in their house. Plus kids from the ages of 6-11 are simply not responsible enough to take care of a fragile device that cost hundreds of dollars with monthly payments. So honestly why should any parent waste money on something that a kid doesn't need or will lose.


Right back at you:

What you are saying about banning cellphones is just a norm, it doesn't mean it shouldn't change; teachers might want to collect cellphones at the start of a lesson so kids won't get distracted (which I actually support), but it has been proven that kids, especially at younger ages learn better using technology; it can be either bulky laptops that have to be kept in closets, or just cellphones, which are usually just as practical, but a lot smaller. So what schools should do is allow kids to use their cellphones while practicing or researching, because it is just more intuitive and fun than sitting in a chair listening (or not) to a lecture.

About asking their parents/laptops: usually a child doesn't have instant access to his parents/computer, and if he won't find an answer to a question soon, he can just quit and let the question go. This is just bad if you are trying to make your kid more curious (and possibly smarter).

Responsibility: You might actually have a point here, but are smartphones really that expensive now-a-days? I can easily find a simple smartphone for 100$, and you can always just cancel a subscription to a cell carrier. As long as you don't buy an iPhone X as a first phone, it really isn't that much of a financial liability. And even if a kid loses his phone, some disciplinary action might be needed (not allowing him to get a new phone for a while...), but it will help him learn not to lose his valuables next time.
Debate Round No. 2


Your rebuttal is kind of split the topic is whether or not elementary schoolers should have cell phones. Not whether technology should be used in school(which I support). The fact of the matter is that using cell phones as a learning device is terrible. Not only does it give the students an ability to cheat because of the ability to text, but not to mention the inability for teachers to walk around and view student screens to both help and monitor for cheating. Also, you don't have programs like Word, Powerpoint, and excel like you do on a computer. Not trying to stray from the topic too much but it seems like we both might like the idea of a rental computer from the school and also a IPOD or a IPAD for entertainment which are both much cheaper and requires you not to pay a monthly phone bill.

Also, phones are completely useless at home due to the extreme lack of little kids away from a responsible adult.
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Posted by LightGenius 2 years ago
the number one way predators find their victims is thru internet communication. i think if you give elementary children cellphones then you are furthering a problem. Lets think why do kids even need cellphones besides fun and games. yes they can be used to call and keep in touch with the parents. but what good parent lets their young child run off on their own?
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