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Should employs be allowed to dye there hair?

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Started: 5/17/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I was working at a restaurant that had no rule about "people not being allowed to dye their hair". So I went and dyed my hair with blue underneath. The next day I went in for my shift at work and my boss pulled me aside and said: " Is that temporary?" I replied with " No its permanent, is that a problem?" The next day he called me into his office and told me that he has to let me go for "showing up late all the time" when I have always been at least 10 minutes early.


employers have a right to choose whether or not they want to hire you, as long as they have good reason. It is unfair to discriminate between employees because of race and gender, because that is something that you are born with and can't change. However it is perfectly fair for employers to request that employees do not die their hair. To employers, hair die make look unproffessional, or make you look immature. whatever the reason, they have the right not to hire you because your hair is died (especially because hair die is removable)

And as for your story, i don't find it very believable, but i will assume it is true. I can't feel sympathy for you because you had fair warning that dyeing your hair was a bad idea, but you chose to do it anyways. Your boss is unjustified in lieing about why you were fired, but that is the only thing he did wrong.
Debate Round No. 1


There was no rule about not being allowed to dye hair, I had no warning what so ever. If I did have a warning I would not have attempted to dye my hair. If there was a rule when I applied for a job that would be one thing but there isn't.


I apologize, i misread the first bit of your story. If your employee did not warn you, and did provide a fake explanation then that was wrong, however my argument still stands. Your employers were not wrong because they fired you for dyeing your hair, they were wrong because:

1. they did not provide a rule against hair dyeing before hand

2. they did not give you a chance to resolve the issue

3. they lied to you about the reason you were fired
Debate Round No. 2


To be honest I really can't argue that because that's all true. I really have nothing else to say haha


rad chad triumphs again!

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Posted by carnew 3 years ago
how could you ruin this persons perfectly normal debate with your villainous trolls. This person is an intelligent person that wants to debate and all you do is post irony. You have been flagged for spam and advertising. I hope you change your ways you stanking rad chad
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