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Should extreme criminals (pedophiles, cannibals, etc.) be tortured to death?

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Started: 11/23/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Pedophiles are arguably the worst scourge of the world. They don't even deserve death, they deserve worse. Taking the innocence from children, treating them as if they're some kind of play thing that can be thrown away at any moment disgusts me. They should be mutilated, waterboarded, we should come up with new and worse ways to torture people like that. Cannibals, mass murderers, terrorists, rapists all of them deserve that fate. They are not acting as a decent human being should act, and should, therefore, be tortured for their atrocities


Punishment is not a virtue,

People that commit crimes against humanity lack understanding and need help to find balance in their lives.
Debate Round No. 1


the idea that a pedophile deserves help from anyone is completely moronic. raping a child is inexusably wrong. getting locked up is too lenient, especially with countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, for example, making prisons nicer and easier to live in. Giving a pedophile a nice little prison cell is like if your dog craps on your bed and you let it sit on the couch. That's not okay, they need to be punished. But while a dog crapping on the bed is an exusable offense and just needs discipline and maybe a few hours in the kennel. But rape, is not a normal thing people are supposed to do, especially to a child. that is inexusable, and is deserving of torture, not help.


I am not sure why the idea of helping people is moronic.

It is clear you have strong emotions related to this. Why do they need to be punished? Because they hurt you?

What makes torture a valid form? You think inflicting pain onto others the same way they hurt you is good?

Have you ever been physically tortured before? Do you even know how painful torture is?

Are you even aware of why these people perform these acts? I do not support greed but I do not condemn others who do not share my views.

How do you know these pedophiles did not have the same forms pushed onto them as children? Are you able to step into their shoes and feel how they feel?

A cell is a means of detaining someone in order to protect society. These people need help either biologically or psychologically.

You have to understand people perceive things differently and are born into various social situations.

You need to have compassion and try to understand instead of being so quick to judge.

Yes it is sad that this happens in society, but we need to ask why this happens and how we can solve it.

By your standards, you should be tortured right now because you do not agree with my views as I see torture as an unacceptable form that is based on a lack of understanding.

You should be locked in a cell and treated poorly for the rest of your life. Does that sound very good to you?

No, it is not right to force this on anyone. Before you judge too quickly you should try to understand these people and why they behave the way they do.

You say rape is not a normal thing people should do, what are things normal people should do? And what defines a normal person?

I agree rape is a very terrible thing, but we must understand why these people chose these actions and try to help them to either understand why their actions are wrong or get them the medical help they need.

You may find yourself in a very similar situation one day, where someone has deemed you worthy of torture by not living up to their standards. Do you want to be condemned because they are not willing to try and understand your actions?
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Posted by ThePrimordialBaobab 2 years ago
Technically Pedophilia cannot really be considered a preference because it involves a part that is not fully capable of making choice on their own, especially in term of sexuality... at least (as you said) not in our society. It is a bit more complex than a preference, even in the case of homosexuality.
Preference implies a lucid choice and the capability to chose otherwise, which , I think is not the case for either pedophiles or homosexuals (I am not comparing both practices).
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
There is no cure for pedophilia or psychosis, therefore just kill them, they can't be rehabilitated.
Posted by Dave2712 2 years ago
Pedophilia is a preference in the same way hetrosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals are a preference. The difference is how society tolerates those preferences.. It was not that long ago that homosexuality would result in imprisonment or death simply because society would not or could not tolerate it.

That said, the idea of pedophilia is abhorant to most people mainly because pedophiles force their will on those incapable of making those kinds of decisions for themselves and are used for sexual gratification.

Pedophiles can no more control there sexual preferance than hetrosexuals, so to say that they should be tortured, killed etc is like condoning the extermination of those with mental illness.

Since pedophiles cannot be tolerated in society for the sake of our children then another approach has to be formulated. Permanant incarceration?... Chemical castration?... Whatever, but no, they should not be tortured!
Posted by ThePrimordialBaobab 2 years ago
You are talking about practices that are viewed by the 'civilized world' as extreme. But do you know that somewhere out of this well thinking society there are people with other beliefs and practices?
Then what give you the right to decide that one practice or the other is barbaric? and thus require 'extreme' punishment?

Don't get me wrong, i am not advocating for sexual offenders... but if what you say was in effect, im not sure we would have a 'civilized world' today because most of the occidental society are built upon atrocities of this type. If you righteously condemn extreme criminals to extreme punishment, you should apply said punishment retroactively, then who would deliver justice to the millions of slaves that were subjected to these type of crimes?

Extreme justice can be selfishly delivered by a few individuals (vigilantees) but cannot be institutionalized because it would lead to moral and emotional regression IMo.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
In fact wrong. People killing multiple people don't deserve
To live.....79th
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
In doing so you become the monster you want to destroy.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Totally long as there evidence....
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