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Should fashion really be viewed nowadays as trendy or sex slavery?

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Started: 5/17/2021 Category: Fashion
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Do you think it is right for the new generation to walk around naked and not clothed?

What about our morals and values?
What happened to the older to guard and guide the youth to dress more appropriate?
Are the public entertaining and advertising nudity more than before?
What can be done about it? What do you think?

And do you think the new naked wear of clothing leads to more criminal acts taking place? Why not?

What is your viewpoint on this matter?
Please give your reason if you are for new trendy naked bralettes, Bum-showing shorts, See-through clothing.

Why do you feel you need to show your body to the public? Is it wise?
and Why is it needed for you to walk around naked?

Here's my viewpoint. . .

I see a huge risk that is becoming a great hazard. I am a female. It takes me 3 hours to pick out something decent and appropriate to buy to wear. Why? Because over the past 3 years it came to my realisation that shops are selling less appropriate and decent closed clothing rather than sell-off (back then- cheap and slutty) clothes. Why is this?
Not everyone wants to walk naked. I certainly don't. My parents and in my upbringing I was learned values and morals whereby I stuck to today.

Whether people want to face it or not> walking around naked makes one an easy target to rape.

Fashion is not about showing your body. It is about creativity. What creative styles one can make with a different and a big variety of materials to create and express feelings and ideas and also uniqueness.

If you go back to the past, People wore fully layered clothing. Why because it wasn't about how naked one can be to attract the opposite sex. No, It was cut and shaped in certain ways to show more curves etc. But all women were fully clothed.

There difference between then and now>

They say to be confident you should be comfortable with yourself and your body. Yes, This is true. But does this mean one should be so confident that you need to attract all attention to you through an unpleasant and indecent way?
You don't have to walk around bare to feel confident. Then there is a mix-up about what confidence is. It truly doesn't mean walk around naked.

What should be done?
Find other ways to feel confident and attractive. Not show off what is meant to keep private only for one to see.

Walking around like a sex slave can mess up your mental health. Why because you then will be seen as nothing but a cheap open woman that has no morals and value to herself and chose to be an open target rather than an appropriate and respectful woman.

I feel social media messes people's self-esteem up because of the beauty standards that they portrait as beautiful and acceptable. But what about you?
Do you really (on the inside) feel comfortable lowering your self-importance according to social media?
How low can one go?
I myself went through a phase where makeup became my everyday must-have( I am no longer wearing makeup) Why? Because
You have everything you need- why change it for puppets they set as beautiful but also have flaws (not to mention the surgeries they went through to achieve those fake looks). No, I think we should find a way where we can reset everything and just start being honest with ourselves and start picking up what was left behind the moment we started to lose ourselves.

If old people don't want to seen as elders, They simply act younger and wear younger clothing and makeup You were weak to all bullies and gave in for them to succeed.

Again there is a difference between fashion and nudity.
Open your eyes
Value yourself more
and start working on your self-esteem by finding your true self
Do not break yourself if you are not even close to a book that shows one WHAT is pretty and what is not = YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND THAT IS A FACT. <- why? Because we all came here unique, With a unique set of skills to be shared with others. Do not waste it on worthless things such as sex slavery.


Ok, I'll bite. Since the first half of your argument is a bunch of different questions that I can't answer in one post I'm going to focus on your title question.

"Should fashon really be viewed nowadays as trendy or sex slavery? "

I understand not liking short clothing, But calling it 'sex slavery' is absurd. Sex slavery is a serious problem. It's a horrible thing to go through and I hope everyone who has can recover and everyone still involved can escape. These two things are nothing alike. Showing skin is neither slavery nor inherently sexual.

Slavery is belonging to someone else and being forced to obey them. The people you see on the streets almost certainly (nothing is certain, Of course) aren't being forced to wear this kind of clothing. They choose to wear it. A lot of people like dressing like that. It's nobody else's business to worry about how other people express themselves, Unless it's hurting someone (in this case, It's not).

Now on to a potentially more controversial opinion. Wearing revealing clothing is not inherently sexual. Some people think it makes them sexy, And others find it sexy. You can say the same thing about feet. Every Sunday afternoon I go outside and see men with their shirts off mowing the lawn. Yard work can get pretty tough. You're outside for a few hours baking in the sun, Collecting sweat and dirt. It's not always comfortable to wear a shirt. They tend to trap in heat and can easily get stained. Taking your shirt off is a solution.
The bikini's one of the most popular pieces of woman's swimwear. Did you know it was invented in 1946? That's nearly 80 years old. Nothing new here. There's a lot of reasons why someone might want to wear a bikini other than looking sexy. Summer heat, Feeling the sun on your skin, Wanting a better tan, Doesn't get as dirty, Easy to wear under your clothes, Not having to take everything off when you gotta pee. I'm sure there's some I'm missing, As mankinis have yet to be considered normal to wear without getting laughed at.

Alright, I think that's all I really need to say for round one. Your move.
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Posted by JANC19 2 months ago
In my humble opinion, For years the industry made a high variety of clothes, How adapt it for people? Depend of the users. . . Because all kind of clothes are in a certain way for everyone that's like it.
Really, The point of view for it is related with how people see it, In society.
For many girls it would be clothes they like and wants to wear in the streets but the looks and comments of the people prevent them for using it. In this way topic turns a little sexist because the men don't suffer it.
Posted by SamuelWH 2 months ago
@CNE: I don't think I would quite call it sex slavery because I don't think that clothing stores are purposefully pushing immodest clothing on females. Rather, I think that they mainly (and perhaps only) sell immodest clothing because that's what most girls are buying now days. I think it's business--they sell it because that's what's being bought. However, There are still a few women left that understand the importance of modesty and they try to buy modest/appropriate clothing, And I'm sure that they must feel left like immodesty is being forced on them. Now, I obviously can't prove that clothing stores aren't trying to force women to dress immodestly, But I don't think they are. I think, Therefore, That the problem lies more with the modern generation's desire/idea to be immodest (in order to fit the modern idea of fashion) rather than with the clothing stores. However, It definitely is messed up--that's for sure.

Other than that, I agree with everything you've said about modesty, Fashion, Etc. . .
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
Posted by C_N_E 2 months ago
I call it sex slavery because these days people have no choice to wearing proper clothing. You almost never see shops with clothes that cover. They all sell open to show off clothes. How can this not be seen as forcing someone into wearing open "then called prostitute clothing/wear" when we are all as women literally forced to wear these kinds of cheap clothing?

The definition of sex slavery falls under being forced to do sexual acts etc. Walking naked is a sexual act. So
1. Force people to wear open skin showing clothes
2. People walk and show body parts that was suppose to be private -now open to the public <-
=To me> it kinda falls under the word sex slavery

I am just really unhappy with where our fashion is heading towards- It uses every bit to sell sex
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
Well, Looks to me that,
That you're arguing that an individual's fashion should not be tied to keeping slavishly close to the latest trends.
That you disagree with the showing of excess skin, That such ought be more private, Than public.
That you disagree with too much social media use, And people's comparing themselves to whatever the idea of beauty is at the moment.

I'd agree readily enough that what a person wears, Is usually going to effect how others perceive and treat them.

I'm not sure I'd call skimpy dressing "Nudity" or "Sex Slavery"
Though people 'are going to look at the skin of such people more, And in a sexual way often.
Posted by C_N_E 2 months ago
please feel free to comment on this topic. If you disagree with my statement and point of view- Do not hesitate to answer. For this reason, It will also broaden my perspective perhaps to why some feel the need to dress inappropriate (In my words) or whatever you prefer calling it. . .

I would love to hear the why's and why not's.

Let's discuss this.
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