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Should futuristic technologies (such as AI, robots, drones, etc) take over everything (even jobs)?

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Started: 7/12/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No. People should NOT trust futuristic technologies nor try to make them or commercialized them. They shouldn't as they could most likely steal all jobs and make humans obsolete, so without jobs, humans could loss money and probably become homeless and hungry (and no, UBI [Universal Basic Income] would probably not help). Self-driving vehicles have been confirmed to choose who to kill in any situations, unlike manual-driven vehicles. Drones are known to be very deadly and kill many people. If people allowed all of these technologies, the world would become a very dystopian future much like in many dystopian future movies like Terminator films, Matrix, etc. So I believe the world should stay the same as it is right now.


We should absolutely let futuristic technologies take over "everything". Given a specific task, they perform better than their human counterpart. For example, drones do not suffer from fatigue and stress like human soldiers do. Self-driving vehicles are capable of consistently following road safety rules while never tiring. This leads to enormous benefits, in terms of tangible monetary value, lives saved and overall achievement of objectives.

Dystopian futures have no basis in reality. Every iteration of technology has brought humankind into a new future in which we've adapted into. Think of the advances in computers and the advent of smartphones.
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Posted by ritik77 3 years ago
yeah i think it takes all of jobs but after he takes all of jobs it gave some jobs to maintain the robots and ai technology. How to become rich in dubai
Posted by Fontal 3 years ago
This isn't a matter of should because this situation is inevitable. Capitalist countries who do not care about the well being of others would find using robots as a long term better alternative method for producing their goods and allowing them to generate as much profit as possible by reducing the costs. There are jobs that robots will never be able to take away from humans such as fields in Law and Politics. But having robots do most of the jobs would be a benefit in the futrue because for example if robots replaced the jobs of farmers, they would be able to do the job far for efficiently which would lower the costs to make fruits and vegatables which therefore would reduce prices for foods. Having robots could abolish money(I can explain why next time) but obviously that isn't possible in the world we live in.
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