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Should gay marriage be allowed (non religious reasons)

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Started: 3/12/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I can"t think off anything to start this argument. Let"s hear your argument against gay marriage.


Hi! This is my first debate on I hope my points are as consistent as possible! For this debate, I am choosing to write on this position not to impose my beliefs, but as an exercise of my debating ability.

I would like to approach this question from a utilitarian approach. The factor of choice is something I hope to address later in this submission.

First, allowing gay marriage is not equivalent to allowing sexual intercourse among homosexuals. Prohibiting gay marriage does not imply that such persons are not allowed to engage in such relationship. For any given issue, if a prohibition of a choice is not mentioned by law, whether that choice is approved by the populace has no bearing on whether that choice is actually illegal.

Explicitly passing a law with regards to same-sex marriage is more of a promotion for same-sex relationships. In countries with a gender imbalance, this is a proposition that will affect them in the long term due to population trends. Especially in less-developed environments where cultural traditions are much more significant, immediately passing such a proposal would lead to social disruption, that would hinder progress to some extent towards other immediate social issues such as corruption and poverty.
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Not as much as you are, sweetie ;D

The purpose of life is memes. All things can be derived from memes, and memes alone bring enlightenment. :-)
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Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
Sure if you would like too legally document plagiarize marriage with others and allow the compromise the wellbeing of Constitutional general welfare based on plagiarism, you can do so at your own risk.

Gay Marriage is illegal, it is testing the powers of judicial separation to force a witness to understand a consummation that has no legal cause to be witnessed / seen by a public to protect the common defense to general welfare. What does this mean, a Male-female couple can produce child by pregnancy that is not just their child it is in fact a resident of the Country to which he or she is born. This one characteristic in the United States gave the governing agent responsibility, authority, and the burden of asking the public to witness any male female couples union to establish the willingness to start a family. As this one characteristic is a common state that can be described as being shared without any use of fabricate crime by detailing constitutional laws based on basic principle.
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
There are also the hidden issue that go along with the union of same gender couples, those issues include common law marriage, and how couple of the same gendered can be described as united in a state of co-existence without implying that there has been sexual intercourse between the two couple as this would be a possible crime. As we all know a roommate does not insure that the people who are living together are in fact sexual partner. This issue is resolved by Constitutional Right describing a separation process of couples who are not required to receive any public witnessing of consummation from those who are. People do not need to see all roommates as sexually involved as there will be no citizen created by the intimacy of all roommates, any child will be coming from actions of those elsewhere.

Binivir, UnosMulier are constitutional separations made on the legality of common law couples who are of the same gender and live together as roommate. The separation of any presumption by using a plagiarizing of marriage or civil union is alienated and separated from both Marriage and its legal counterpart Civil Union.
Posted by abdulrock20 3 years ago
ok tell mr first what is gay in ur language
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