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Should gum be allowed in middle school?

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Started: 2/4/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No, it's dirty, costly and disruptive.


Yes gum should be allowed in middle school as studies show that chewing gum helps your brain circulate therefore helping students do better in school. Chewing gum also helps with memory and helps students to concentrate during school. Chewing gum also helps relieve stress.
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Posted by DontArgueWithMe3333 2 years ago
gum is a distraction and actually makes students more jittery and less likely to focus on the task at hand. It is also distracting.
Posted by 2beornot2be 2 years ago
In most schools in California, gum is forbidden. Why is this? I don"t agree with this rule. I support that gum should be allowed in school. Also, not all gums are harmful to us. I think gum is important because gum helps students to learn and focus. I have experienced chewing gum during a test, I got a good grade.

[I think gum is important because gum helps students to learn and focus.] According to scopes, it says " First chewing helps students learn and memorize. This explains that chewing gum can make a difference in students brains. Chewing gum helps us student"s brain"s memorize and focus more than usual.

[Also, not all gums are harmful to us.] Some gums are sugar free, so we don"t have to worry about cavities. According to scopes, it said that " There is nothing harmful about gum." This explains that chewing gum is not hurtful. Some doctors say that some chewing gums don"t give cavities. So, chewing gum in school is not hurtful.

[I have experienced to chew gum during a test.] I actually got one of the highest scores from the class. According to Scopes, it said that "One study even showed that students who chewed gum during a test, scored higher than those who did not." What this explains is that chewing gum is one way to help students pass tests. Also, this has happened to me. I passed one of the most important tests. The test is called the State Test. During this test I was chewing gum. Surprisingly I passed the test.

[According to a video called "Chewing Gum, Friends or Foes", there was many people that agreed to allow gum in school.] There was also many foes. Speaker 3 said "Some gums have mint. Chewing relaxes students and increases the blood pressure to the brain." Speaker 6 said " Gum helps them recall questions for test." Speaker 7 said "Teachers are allowed to have gum. High School students should be the only ones to be allowed to have gum in school because their more responsible.

In conclusion. I think gum should be allowed in school.
Posted by 2beornot2be 2 years ago
Gum should be allowed in school and there are many good reasons why, one gum can help students focus on tests or whatever they are doing in class. Second, there is nothing harmful about gum. And third sugar-free gum is recommended by experts such as the American Dental Association.

[One time gum helped me on a test] because it helped me concentrate* on what I was doing and not what was happening around me during the test. A study taken and proven by experts evn shows that when kids took a test, those who were chewing gum scored higher on test rather than those who were not chewing gum while taking the same test. And gum is also good after meals and this can help in cases where if students have a test after lunch breakfast or snack so that it can help students to focus. For me this makes me feel refreshed so I think that it does help.

Second, [there is not really anything harmful* about gum]. The only thing that could possibly but not likely be harmful is somebody swallowing gum and even if that does happen it is not very harmful to the person that swallowed the gum. And also there is more things that are good about gum rather than things that are bad about gum. It is said by some people that if you chew a flavored gum while you are studying, and chew the same flavored gum while you are taking a test it will remind you of what you were doing while you were studying. For me I tried it and it works to help you memorize, but only small pieces of information not big pieces of information.

Also [many dentists actually encourage their patients to chew sugar free*] gum to prevent tooth decay. It even said on their website the American Dental Association it said that chewing sugarless gum after meals helps prevent tooth decay. The main reason that gum is not allowed in school is not that it is bad for us but it is that it tends to end up stuck under desks and tables, but if schools were to have rules about gum i am sure students would follow these rules because they
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