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Should hats be allowed in school?

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Started: 12/9/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe there is no longer a need to force kids to remove their hats in school buildings. No one other than teachers really seem to care weather or not someone has an extra piece of clothing on their heads.


Its disrespectful to wear hats at the dinner table or when the national anthem , so it would make sense if no one was allowed to wear hats in school to show teachers respect. Just like if you were going to take your hat off to show respect at the dinner table.
Debate Round No. 1


I must ask my opponent to explain why exactly it is still disrespectful to wear hats at the dinner table or while singing the national anthem. It was a traditional custom for a society that no longer exists today. People no longer tip off their hats for the ladies, or voluntarily take off hats to show respect. To the majority of people today, a hat is nothing more than a form of expression. Unless someone tells you to, no one removes their hats in buildings anymore. People no longer care.

Besides, forcing kids to take hats off is basically forcing them to show respect, even though they may not respect their teacher at all. Respect is not something you can force people, especially kids, to show. It has to be earned. Forcing a child to remove their hat in school does not necessarily mean that the kid respects their teacher at all. In fact, forcing a child to remove their hat in the school building will most likely make them hate their teacher even more.

I must also point out that a hat is a good form of expression. It can help the kid feel more unique, which is overall a good thing. I can't think of one kid or teenager that wants to wear a uniform, or be a part of a set. Everyone wants their own identity, and a hat could help a kid express themselves.

I would also like to point out that a hat could help boost a kid's confidence if they have bed head, got a bad haircut, or they have a scar they're embarrassed about. Is it really the right thing to do to make a child take off the hat that makes them feel good about themselves because it's a form of respect in a society that is no longer present today?
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Posted by maddy_lion 2 years ago
Not everyone wants to focus on the constant negativity of genocidal violence. It is not at all interesting to me. People are violent, and they always have been. What is wrong with a more lighthearted debate?
Posted by JudgeSchreber 2 years ago
better question than OP: why is this debate important? What aesthetic value does a hat hold? How do hats make any sort of difference in education or happiness? Why are we even debating about hats when there is genocidal violence in Sudan while we waste our time?
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