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Should higher education be only for "chosen"?

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Started: 11/23/2017 Category: Education
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At the 21st century we are facing the problem when higher education all over the world is becoming an ordinary thing. According to the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics), in the USA the percentage of students enrolling in college immediately after high school was 69.2 percent in 2015.
The number of higher education attenders is growing constantly not only in America (in autumn 2017, about 20 million students attended American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of about 5.1 million since autumn 2000), but also in Europe. According to HEIPR (the Higher Education Initial Participation Rate), which is an estimate of the likelihood of a young person participating in Higher Education by age 30, based on current participation rates, there is the increase from 42 per cent in 2006/07 to 49 per cent in 2015/16 in the UK.
These numbers can only prove that nowadays we are facing educational inflation. Some centuries ago receiving education was synonyms to being educated. Today, unfortunately, these words are not always associated with each other. Some centuries ago a person with a degree could be sure of getting a well-paid job. But today this person can be sure only of getting a degree.
So should higher education be open only to chosen ones? If yes, who are those chosen? I think positively.
Only intellectually reach and wealthy in thoughts and ideas can be granted with this gift of higher education. Only people who are ready and eager to work hard to achieve their goals should have this possibility, as it is the only chance to have great students and great specialists in the future.


I will be supporting the view that education should not only be for the chosen.

Who are the chosen ones? For me, 'chosen' is synonymous to being admitted to a certain university.

Firstly, if education is limited to only the chosen, there will be a major segregation in the society, by income and by education level. Assuming that a degree will bring a decent-paying job, those who are admitted to a university has often gone through workshops to build portfolios, prepare for interview tactics, craft personal statements and gone through tuition to ensure the standard grade criteria. Those with financial difficulties will hence lose out on opportunities, and hence will be trapped in a poverty cycle as their children cannot receive higher education as well. If a graduate struggle to obtain a well-paying job, imagine a student with no qualifications. Of course, there are exceptions such as Bill Gates who dropped out of college, but these examples are only one in a million. Hence, I believe that higher education should be available to anyone who has the passion and the will to commit to the field that he/she will be taking.

Secondly, having a system that is limited to only the chosen will cause a promotion of elitist culture. As people associate a degree with high-paying jobs, everyone will try to rise to the top. In Asian countries such as Korea, Singapore, this culture is very prominent due to their heavy-content national exams. In Korea, students strive to 'stand out' from the rest to obtain a place in universities. This will induce unhealthy stress on students in high schools, putting an emphasis on their academics, ignoring the development of their traits such as teamwork, communication, intellectual depth,... which are what employers look for in the future. For this reason, I support the claim that education should be available to anyone who needs it.
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Thank you for your argument.
But at some extent you mentioned the point I had stressed out as well: "I believe that higher education should be available to anyone who has the passion and the will to commit to the field that he/she will be taking". That is exactly what I am talking about. Higher education should be only for those people who are eager and prepared to receive knowledge. But with this easiness of receiving higher education pupils do not care much about being knowledgeable as they know that they will be always able to find an institution that will accept them even with low scores.
Speaking about stress and competition that will be present if the number of places is limited, it should be noticed that this pressure exists among successful students in any society. Those who aim to enter top institution are facing high lot of competition and that is one of the thing that propels them.
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