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Should homework be allowed

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Started: 4/13/2018 Category: People
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yes homework should be allowed because most homework schools give to students is work that they didn't finish in class so therefore it has nothing to do with school giving homework its the student giving themselves homework. so its up to the student whether he/she has homework. Yes you may not have time sometimes but you could do it in another class so you don't have to do it at home


Not all homework is useful--some of it is "busy work." Busy work is assigned in the situation where the teacher does not want to teach or has nothing to teach, but needs the students to be actively doing something while they are in class.
The student cannot give their self homework if the homework did not originate from the student. If the school never gave the student an assignment, they would have never had to do the assignment to begin with, and therefore would not have "given their self homework."
Sure, it's up to the student whether or not they have homework--that's called being an A student as opposed to an F student.
Doing homework in an external class is a bad idea because it distracts students from the current class at hand. This would ultimately result in the student performing poorly in that class as well, as they are not focused on that class because they are focused on finishing their busy work.
There are teachers who will assign massive assignments and then put off grading them. That is ultimately useless to the student, and the teacher is not doing the job they signed the contract for. When I was a senior in high school, I literally watched the turn in box for my English class pile a whole two feet high. The teacher was too busy playing with his kids to do his job.
In college, you often won't have homework. Instead, most of your responsibility will be showing up and paying attention in class as well as covering the material in the textbook before you show up for lecture. Very seldom will you turn something in, and when you do, it will be on a website that automatically grades it.
Finland is a country with less to virtually no homework, and they are currently ranked #2 in the entire world as far as education. The United States is only 14th. This illustrates the lack of a correlation between homework and academic performance.
Some people finish their homework slower than others because they are struggling with it due to lack of instructing. If the teacher spent more time covering material than assigning it to students in a "figure-it-out-on-your-own" methodology, students, there is a high probability that students would perform more competently in their classes.
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