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Should homework be banned?

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Started: 12/29/2016 Category: Education
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I believe homework should be banned since a study by UoM says that the average amount of homework sent home increased by 51% percent since 1981 to 2004. In a study by Stanford, 56% of students considered homework a primary source of stress. Symptoms of stress include depression, low energy, headaches, and frequent infections (stress symtoms from


I would like to accept the debate challenge and will be arguing that home work should not be banned. I would like to begin by addressing some of my opponents arguments. He begins by sitting a UoM study showing the increase in the amount of home work given over a certain period of time. The increase in the amount of homework given is irrelevant however to the debate. Now, in relation to the Stanford study many adults also find work a primary source of stress. Many kids also find school a primary source of stress. Does that mean work and school should be banned? Of course not! I believe home work provides an excellent way for students to revise what they did in school that day so that they can become better prepared for their exams.
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Reasons for voting decision: None of the sources were cited so I will assume any statistic is false. But the point con made about banning work just because it is stressful really rebutted all of pro's argument because it said that it doesn't really matter about the stress it is a necessary part of life and the important part is handling/managing the stress rather than banning homework.