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Should homework be banned?

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Started: 12/23/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Well guess that, I also know a ton of people that do homework and get the best grades in the class. The smartest people in the world did home work when they were a kid, like Williams James Sidis.
And yes, homework makes kids better. Of course working out more problems make them better,it is not meaningless. It is unbelievable that you are saying that practising problems has no effect on how good you solve the problems. You think that is just reading about the information and never doing it can make you to be a genius?
If students find out that they procrastinate, then thay obviously want to fix this problem. Without doing any homework, students do not know if they procrastinate. Once they find out a bad habit, they try to fix it. Homework shows the students their bad habits, not fixes them. If students just study and play with no stress, how do they know that they have bad habits such as procrastination?
Students do their homework, even the irresponsible ones. The school makes sure of it that they do their homework. Homework can change the person. If a student never does homework, then of course the teacher would notice. The teacher notifies the principal or assistant and they come to talk with the student and convince the student to do homework. If he continues to not do his homework, then he has consequences. The school makes students to do their homework.
Homework does not change their deep rooted characteristics, the students, parents, friends, or teacher try to change them. But, without homework, students can not find many of their deep rooted characteristics, especially bad ones.
Staying stress free gives you no experience in how to deal with stress. All the students will have to go through a lot of stress in their adult life. It is unavoidable. If they don't have enough experience in stress, then they become hard to cope with. Students that grow up with no stress are spoiled.
In addition, what happens if a student is gone? Then how does he learn the material. The teacher can not teach every absent student on the material that they worked on i class. Homework gets people that missed class to catch up and learn what they missed in class. It would be hard to understand things by not working on them.
How about learning writing? Do you expect a student to write essays every week or even poems to practise their writing skills? I do not think so. Writing essays is essential to increasing the students ability to write as far as I can tell, students really would not write essay when it is not necessary for them.
All of the students that I know that never did homework in their life fail classes all the time and sorrowfully regret not doing homework in their child life.
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