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Should hunting be banned as a sport?

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Started: 2/16/2018 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think hunting shouldn't be banned as a sport because one, it is fun. Two, people have already formed a habit by doing this action. Three, people live because of this sport (hunting animals = food).


Your arguments are very confusing to me. Saying that "hunting is fun" is speaking for you, first of all. Second of all, why would something being "fun" for a group of people make it not cruel, and or wasteful. And just because something is a "habit" also doesn't it is "correct", or "right." During the 1700's to the early 1800's it was a "habit" for upper class white people to own slaves. Does that mean it was fun? Slavery was abolished because of how unclear it was to other human beings. The sport of hunting wasn't meant for just getting the food from it. I could argue that most of the time, they leave the food, but I won't. But I will argue that this sport was started for the pleasure of killing animals and the thrill they get from it, making the sport killing for our own pleasure.
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