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Should it be illeagl to advertise alcohol?

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Started: 3/24/2014 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If advertising tobacco is illeagl, then advertising alcohol should be illeagl too.


A ban on advertising alcohol would be harmful to our society in many ways. It would be harmful to our economy, to legitimate businesses and to the average north american for the following reasons :

Alcohol advertisement is not harmful, it is only present to help the consumer to choose a certain brand or product. It’s the base of corporate competition, and competition is what makes or capitalist society a functional one.

Alcohol companies is an important piece of our economy.

In 2006 they spent $84 billion in salary, over 3.8 million employees. During that same year, the government has received $18 billion in taxes.

If there is a ban on advertising alcohol, the companies producing it will have a disadvantage on the sales side compared to soft drink, bottled water and other drinks. This means that they will have trouble gaining new costumers, and keeping the current ones.

If they lose costumers, the sales go down. In order to remain profitable, these corporations will have to stop hiring and suppress existing jobs. Suppressing jobs will make the unemployment rate go up. A high unemployment rate would make our economy fragile, and prone to recessions. High unemployment rates are also linked to high crime rates.

There is a difference between tobacco products and alcohol.

Tobacco has been proved to be harmful to our health whether you smoke or not (second hand smoke). It is linked with numerous cancers and health problems, even if used in moderation. Alcohol on the other has no harm to health if used in moderation. It can even be healthy, a glass of red wine a day is helpful to our health. The fact that in some jurisdiction advertising tobacco products is illegal, does not mean the same thing should be done to alcoholic beverages.

In conclusion, a ban on advertising would be harmful to our economy, our jobs, a whole industry and to our identity.

Note :

Advertising tobacco products is not illegal everywhere.

It’s spelt illegal, not illeagl.

Source :

Debate Round No. 1


JohnnyDoe4242 forfeited this round.


Does this mean you give up?

I hope not.
Debate Round No. 2


JohnnyDoe4242 forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited the past two rounds I see no point in stating more arguments. I would have enjoyed it if my opponent would have participated a bit more in this debate. For all of you that were looking for a serious debate, I say sorry.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Chris_Likes_Freedom 7 years ago
What about the kids that watch these commercials? They have to do so because they're watching a show so you have to wait for the commercials to end. Alcohol commercials are also extremely common and with "underage drinking" being a problem, it is only perpetuated because alcohol is glorified in these commercials as the freaking best thing in the world. Like the feeling of riding a skateboard through a frozen can of coor's light on a hot summer day and coming out the other end on a surf board with hot models cheering you on at the end of the slide. And this average girl that walks through comes out the other side looking like one of the models! BUY OUR PRODUCT!
Doesn't that sound just a tad bit ridiculous when you think about the time our police waste on this crap? I'm not saying we should ban the commercials, but when you think about how politicians and the justice system handle this, they look like morons. If they actually thought about it for a second they would have already decided to take these commercials off the air. Oh wait, the alcohol companies bought them out though. You know what, just legalize the crap already. It's that way in every other country on the planet and they don't have a drinking epidemic.
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