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Should it be legal to have an abortion?

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Started: 4/9/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am fully against abortion. It should not be legal under any circumstances in any country.

Reasons: If abortion was legal; murder should be legal.
Abortion is murder. It is killing a child. A killer / A murderer. Killing = Murder.

If then abortion was fine then Oscar Pistorius would be innocent. Even if he killed Reeva purposefully.


He killed her because he didn't want her. It would make his life easier. So basically he "aborted" her when she was much older.

Please take on this debate. I wish to speak more.


There is a difference in the two. The baby is not even really alive when being aborted. That one was slaughter of a child. Well, if we get rid of the choice for parents to abort their baby, then we are taking a right from them in our country. Who are we to take away freedom from someone? Also, if you are willing to outlaw this, are you willing to outlaw hunting animals? They are life as well and how are they less important than human beings. If anything, we are the most disgusting, greedy, and just plain despicable beings on the planet, so tell me again how they are better. Also, the planet is expected to only be able to hold 10 billion people and we are at 7 billion now. Think of how long people have been doing abortions. That would add up, so it is also a way to control the population. Lastly, the stem cells that are obtained from the fetuses could turn out to be useful, such as when they injected them into certain cancer patients and some of their symptoms completely left them. Abortion should be legal.
Debate Round No. 1


A man named Dr. Nathanson took a video of a woman having an abortion (The silent scream), which shows the unborn baby in the womb, thrashing about, trying to avoid the suction device which is tearing off its head. Viewers saw the child opening its mouth, trying to scream. They saw the baby dismembered, its head crushed, as it was sucked out of the womb.

Babies in the womb can feel pain. They develop their full nerve system by the time they are between 8 and 16 weeks old.
At 8 weeks old, the baby is FULLY developed.

About the animals:

Not going to reply to that.


Who says that the world will "overflow?" There are millions of people dying all the time.


To the doctor video: That may be, but still the fact remains that worse things are done over money and drugs by humans such as molestation, cannibalism, etc. Plus, some people do not have the way to bring the child up and the child either goes to adoption(which is unpredictable..they give pretty much anyone a kid if they want it and they could torture this child physically and mentally(it's been done so many times and I know you know this)). So, really, I beg of you, explain to me how being brought into this world of disgraceful lunatics to suffer is worse than a death without suffering? Also, do you remember your first months alive, or even being in the womb? Because I nor any person I've ever asked has, so how do you know the baby even knows what is going on. The baby is probably not able to process it. And how do you know the baby was trying to scream? Maybe the suction pulled the head in a way that opened the jaw. There is no way to prove it was trying to scream. So, you can not prove that the baby could process what was going on. And to the pain thing, I can go back to the animals and what humans do to them to justify an argument, but it really is not even worth going into because you know what I will say.

Also, you never refuted the fact that you are taking a right away from people, a freedom which is what America was founded to be. If you want to get rid of a baby for its own good, how is it bad?

Overpopulation rebuttal: Yes, people are dying every day, but more people are being brought in by a substantial amount. Otherwise, the population would stay the same instead of increasing. That argument is fully invalid and you know you were just taking a shot in the dark. Plus, if you add the abortions into the amount being born over the thousands of years people have been getting rid of babies they do not desire, just think of how many people would flood this world.
Debate Round No. 2


.. . .We work on those one at a time. Now I talk about abortion. By the way, for your information abortion was not made to reduce the world's population. Margaret Sanger started abortion to kill all the Negroes. How's that for racism?

Now. Evolution is racism. Charles Darwin says that Negroes/Black Africans etc. are UNDEVELOPED = Hitler. He tried to rid the world of the "undeveloped". So if you go with evolution, you are a NAZI supporter.

If you believe in God, then you are disobeying His law. He says "Do not murder". By the way: You didn't reply to the fact that the babies are fully developed.

This is getting very interesting. Thanks for joining the debate.


I did not say it was created to reduce population, but I did say it did do it. So what if it was created by bigots, so was this whole country, yet I still live here and I'm not a bigot. Racism has nothing to do with this debate.

Evolution is not racism. This is not a debate of evolution, but if you must, then my argument is that 13 year-olds used to look really young and now you can't even tell the difference between a 13 year old and a 21 year-old. Because of CHANGE over TIME(evolution) that made people develop more quickly to reproduce at younger ages. They start going through puberty at about 9 now and that is a fact, look it up. It is very grotesque and weird in my opinion, but fact nonetheless.
And no, I'm not a Nazi supporter, but fact is fact. You are reading too much into it like English teachers are like "the tree is red in the painting to symbolize the anger of the artist." Maybe the artist just wanted the dang trees to be red. Hitler and Nazis have nothing to do with evolution besides being supporters of it and condoning evolution and Nazis are two different things.

My argument for the God thing, Really? If you need to realize that you are disobeying "God's Law" to not murder someone or need to read a book of a thousand metaphors to realize you shouldn't be a dick, then you have no reason, logic, empathy, or sympathy and you belong in an insane asylum.

Babies are fully developed? no, otherwise, they would just pop out of the womb after the trimester that abortion is legal. They would not survive if not for being in the womb at that time. They have to grow and develop more to survive.
Debate Round No. 3


Erm. My self experience denies what you say about puberty!!!! So does it scream out nonsense and embarrasses MANY of my friends!

Okay okay okay WAIT! Firstly we need to get rid of this Evolution! How did the world start?
It could not have started in a warm pool = The moon is getting further and further every year. If this earth was so old, the moon would have been right here and the tides would have been ballistic.
Big Bang = Utterly insane. Ever heard of an explosion and out popped something perfect? Its like breaking a glass and it becomes a fancy doorbell! FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

Now, I have one more thing to say about evolution. Clown Fish. how do they work? They are not allergic to sea anemones? It couldn't have gradually have passed on! As the first ones would have gone extinct.

I guess we have to spell it out. This world was made by a wonderful, majestic CREATOR.


tyrob99 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


TalkForLife forfeited this round.


Okay, you can not logically use God as an argument because you can not logically prove there is a God.'s true..age of maturity is getting younger and younger...I'm 18 and have seen 10 year olds pregnant...By the way, the world is not is full of destruction and chaos...come on now, don't be naive. They adapt to survival. Like when we went from cavemen using tools to survive to where we are now. Evolution is all around. If it weren't around, then why do we have this technology? Our brains adapted and our knowledge grew over time(evolution again). You lost all logic in your argument. Sorry, but you did.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by tyrob99 6 years ago
Smiling4U, please tell me all the pain you felt inside the womb at 8 weeks and I shall concede. Oh wait, you couldn't remember, nor could you breathe. Therefore you are not alive.
Posted by MitchV 7 years ago
To make it illegal would deny it for all.
Sure, there are some people that do or would abuse it like a prostitute who may get one more often than they get a new pair of shoes. Laws could be put in place to regulate who gets one and such.
There are some cases that it should be kept as an option. For instance, if a 13 year old girl is raped, should she have to bear the child of the rapist? To do this would be cruel to the little girl.
There are also cases where, because they could not get an abortion, a girl decided to use a coat hanger. Seeing that they lack the knowledge, they often end up with worse problems like sterilization and death. Had it been an option they may have gone on to live normal lives and have children when they are ready.
Though I think it should be regulated, I defiantly think it should be kept as an option. Even though you probably never would get one, not all girls have had your life and could have little to no choice.
Posted by Omastar 7 years ago
It seems that there have been a lot of unsupported or irrelevant arguments in this debate. I am posting a comment to help clarify one of the key claims of the debate in case a viewer sees it and does not cross-reference.

"Babies in the womb can feel pain. They develop their full nerve system by the time they are between 8 and 16 weeks old. At 8 weeks old, the baby is FULLY developed." -TalkForLife

Besides the clear contradiction that the baby cannot be fully developed at 8 weeks without a nervous system, which this statement suggests can take up to 16 weeks, there is no clear evidence to suggest that fetuses feel pain during the first trimester (1). Furthermore, the nervous system (brain and nerves) isn't fully formed until much later during the second trimester at the earliest (2).


Posted by smiling4U 7 years ago
At 10 weeks the baby is FULLY developed, but it can't survive outside of the womb because its lungs aren't ready to be used!!! They can't function properly yet, even though they are there.
get it? Its still a full human being!!!
Posted by MatthewA 7 years ago
'SORRY OSCAR' Listen to this, imagine how Oscar feels.
Posted by TalkForLife 7 years ago
@tyrob99 my reply is going to be late due to circumstances.
Posted by TalkForLife 7 years ago
tyrob99 if you do research then you will find that the earth is cleaner now then it was 20 years ago! If there is a God (which there is and I am willing to debate on) He would make sure that the earth manages to hold/care for us until we all face Judgement. After all He already perfected everything we need - Perfect ozone layer (I will debate on the "hole" too), perfect distance from the sun, perfect amount of water, perfectly formed birds, cleverly designed water molecule. Are you telling me this just happened out of an explosion??????
Posted by tyrob99 7 years ago
It is basically propaganda and I refuse to be swayed by such.
Posted by tyrob99 7 years ago
Also, most medical people know the silent scream to be a very misleading interpretation of abortion, do some research first please and thank you.
Posted by tyrob99 7 years ago
I thought that was pure common sense, but ehh, guess I gotta spell it out.
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