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Should it be made illegal for artists to swear in their music videos?

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Started: 4/23/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think it should after taking an example of myself actually, I was in the car listening to something which was quite nice and sounded lovely as the radio edit, then when I got home decided to play it on my speakers then it had a bunch of swear words on it which just made the song really ugly and I thought what happened if a kid had done that on the way to school then what would of happened?

I don't think it should be allowed also for the risk of children discovering rude swear words at such a young age that they could use them. If it gets to that point then...


Music is an art form, and censor ship of it would be against what the 1st amendment stands for, which is freedom of speech. Censoring it just to protect kids would undermine the millions of adults that listen to music. While I agree that kids should have at least a little bit of protection against this kind of music, making swearing in music videos illegal is not a positive solution to the problem.
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My point is that it if there was a young child with really old parent who aren't the best on tech they aren't going to search spotify or deezer they might only search the message history or social media. Also back to my last point about kids hearing on the radio then downloading it then listening to those rude words. Again, parents should protect but the way the tech side of things are going kids can like hiding these rude songs and learning rude words where parent scant find them because they are a different generation. My last point is why do artists and singers even need to swear at least 6 rude words in song form?
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