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Should kids 10-11 have a phone?

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Started: 9/22/2018 Category: Technology
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I think kids 10-11 should be able to have a phone,
If i break a leg riding my bike home if I don't have a phone i am going to just sit on the streat with a broken leg instead of being in a hospital or if there is a lockdown at my school there is a lot of people there.

If kids are out because at this age kids are getting out more and they need their parents for some sort of reason they will have a phone with them and they would be able to call their parents for whatever reason or they need one of the emergency departments for safety.


I totally oppose your way of thinking. No, Kids of 11 or 12 shouldn't have phones in their hands. You may ask me, Why?

Well, Kids, These days are already too much out of control of their parents. The parents are already really tired of listening to the continuous back talk like literally every day. These kids are too busy socializing on social media, Either trying to finish a show or just surfing.

Many kids with cell phones lose sleep because of talking at night or because of being anxious that they do not miss a call, And as a result suffer from headaches and sleepiness during the day, Which interferes with learning at school.

Trust me, If you would give your child two options, One would be books, The other be their phone. What do you really think they would choose?
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
Hmm. . . I don't want to be too harsh here considering that there's a large possibility you are within the age range of people you believe should be allowed to have cell phones.

1. If you fall and break your leg while riding your bike to/from school, You are likely living within a populated area where school is a short distance away. Some driver will see the situation and offer help within what I would say to be 5-10 minutes if it's in a neighbourhood.
Avoid riding your bike in the street if you can, Anyways. Sidewalks should be chosen given an option between the two.

2. If there is a lockdown at school, Notifications will be sent out one way or another and, In severe situations like an intruder, Authorities will be alerted of the situation. Calling a parent when they can't do anything about it is pointless.

3. Before you make an argument about being kidnapped, Know that only 1% of cases are from strangers. . I I just wanted to clear that up just in case.
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