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Should kids be home schooled

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Started: 4/30/2015 Category: Education
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I think they should because some kid dont really listen in school


Children shouldn't be homeschooled because parents might not give them enough work, homework and information or help about certain subjects.
Debate Round No. 1


hunteriscool234 forfeited this round.


Children shouldn't be homeschooled because they won't make as many, or any friends. It would be hard work on the parents to find other homeschooling kids so they could be friends, so why not send them to a school? In that sense, they would then have plenty of friends and be more aware of reality.

Also, it is hard work on the parents to have work and give serious tests at home. Parents could just come and helthem during a test for the sake of 'I love my child, I can't watch him/her struggle'. Baised parents could also be an issue. School could stat at 10 and go to 2, depending on work loads and homework.

How weird would it be doing school work then homework all at school?

So I conclude that children shouldn't be homeschooled, but open to society going to school!
Debate Round No. 2


hunteriscool234 forfeited this round.


Overall, experts believe on that homeschooling your child/chilren, would be bad for their nature, emotions and friendships.

Here are some various points against homeschooling according to :

You are totally responsible for your child's education.

You constantly worry about the educational experiences you are providing your child.

You can be the top homeschooler in the world, but you will still have moments of doubt and worry about what you are doing.

Other people constantly make you justify your decision.

Some children can feel isolated.

Socialization is usually considered the major argument against homeschooling.

You are with your child almost all the time

Homeschooling happens even when you feel ill.

You need to be sure that YOU are flexible enough to cope with life, all it throws at you, AND having the children around.

It is hard work.

You have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort regardless of method you choose.

In conclusion, majority of the population believe that homeschooling is a terrible idea, and we should maily focus on helping our child, not giving them lectureson everything.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
Parents should always take it upon themselves to educate their children.

lessons, and corrupt life lessons is not an education.

It should be illegal to only speak one language so of course it should required to home school. You'll never learn a second language if you do not practice at home or with friends.
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