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Should kids have homework?

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Started: 1/22/2015 Category: Society
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DO you think kids should have homework in their hand coming from school everyday?
Tell me what do you think?


Thanks for Pro for putting forward the Debate.

I will be contending that kids should not have homework.

Over to you - happy debating!
Debate Round No. 1


Spirt139 forfeited this round.


This is not off to a great start...


Kids should not have to do homework as it is a very poor use of their time.

They already spend six to eight hours a day either at school, or preparing and returning for the homeward journey.

If children, especially those in primary and lower level secondary school are required to do homework, one really must wonder about the educational effectiveness of the ample time they spend at school.

Children by the end of the day are not placed well to study in the late afternoon and early evening as their retention abilities are not as effective as they are in the early morning.

The spectre of homework also brings conflict into the house as parents are having to discipline and coerce their children to completing assigned homework that has little long term value.

In short - time is precious and the six dedicated hours of school time should be used more effectively so that unnecessary extra "busy work" is not required in the home environment.
Debate Round No. 2


Well here's a very good reason doing your homework is just showing how responsible you can be in your job later in life. If you don't get your homework in a lot you may not be very good at your job.

It also shows how much you were much you reimbursed in school

It also helps in your penmanship.


This is the last round, so I will finish this debate by reinforcing the more than adequate time students already spend at school to complete all their tasks.

Further to my opponents point in regards to homework suggesting you are a responsible person. My preference as a potential employer would be that you got all of your work done in the allocated work/school day in an efficient manner and go home and rest rather than taking work home with you.

Overtime is generally an expensive and ineffective use of worker's time and suggest you cannot manage your time effectively.

Vote Con - 'cause who the hell wants to do homework?
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Con. Pro forfeited R2 which is rarely acceptable conduct in any debate setting. S&G - Tie. Both had adequate spelling and grammar throughout. Arguments - Con. After Pro's initial forfeit, he builds a case around showcasing responsibility to potential employers, reimbursing into the school (I think he meant reinvesting, not too sure), and improved penmanship. Unfortunately, Pro completely lacked any form of rebuttals to the initial arguments raised by Con, which Pro should never do since it's his burden to overcome any and all challenges presented by Con. Con, on the other hand, built a case around proper time usage, mental efficiency, and potential for household conflict. In the final round, unlike Pro, Con did provide rebuttals to two out of the three arguments raised by Pro. Since Con's challenges were left standing, and Pro's were rebutted effectively (for the most part), I lean towards Con in arguments. Sources - Tie. Neither utilized sources in this debate.