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Should kids listen to music in school?

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Started: 5/3/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Kids listen to music because it relieves stress and doesn't cause them to be violent, if they listen to the right kind, such as christian, country, old-time rock, and some appropriate pop.


Yes, music can perhaps relieve stress. However, you are myopically not considering the negative concomitants to such a proposition. First, quite evidently, how can kids listen to their teacher while being plugged with music? Our ears cannot sustain the efficient listening of both at the exact same time. And before you interject with, "they can listen while doing work," I raise you this: Music actually lowers levels of productivity and performance in cognitive tasks. Especially with music that you proposed, such as Christian, country, or rock, they are usually catchy songs with lyrics, distracting students from their work. One requires silence to think profoundly. Music is entertainment; it should be consumed during ones free time, not in an educational environment that may determine the trajectory of one's life..
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When kids listen to music, studies show that the brain of the child is more active and therefore more able to learn as well as get work done. If the teacher is talking students should turn off the music or at least pull one earbud out so they can hear the teacher.
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Posted by Manoneets23 3 years ago
i believe its depend on person to person as sometime music may help the student to increasing concentration power , memorize things , decrease stress but it may have adverse effect like student not concentrating on studies instead more on music lyrics or may distract them time to time. So everything has advantage or disadvantage .
Posted by tyler13 3 years ago
it has been proven that music even helps kids read better and they wont be plugged with music they should and usually take one earbud out
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