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Should kids over 13 have a say on global issues?

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Started: 12/8/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Kids over 13 years should have a say on things that are done in our society.


I do not believe it to be wise letting kids 14 and up have a say in society. There are multiple issues with this prospect, but one of the more important issues is that they would just be starting puberty at 14. Puberty is physically, emotionally and mentally wracking to everyone, so the idea that you would be putting important decisions in the hands of a hormonal and confused child is foolish at best.
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Posted by Saldor010 2 years ago
Awww! Thank you :)
Posted by Autistic_Spider 2 years ago
So respond. Con makes a strong argument...
Posted by Intellisio 2 years ago
I apologize for not responding to the debate. I was occupied with school. I didn't have the time to come online.
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