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Should laptops replace the traditional textbooks for students?

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Started: 10/11/2013 Category: Education
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Every year most of children have back pains because they have to carry their heavy backpacks with a lot of books. Every year millions of trees are cut down to make paper, textbooks and so on. While people suffer from back pains and amount of trees decreases, new technology has invited for us compact light laptop, which weight is about from 1 to 3 kilos and no one tree wasn"t chopped for it. There is an issue whether laptop should replace traditional textbook.
Firsy of all, for pupils it is inconvenient to carry a heavy bag with lots of books that pressed on shoulders every day. For someone it led to scoliosis or in other words spinal curvature and other back diseases. Moreover, as strange as it may seem but the usual textbook can be cause not only our health problem but also environmental one. Over 50 million trees are cut down every year to make textbooks in USA only. 4 billion of trees are chopped yearly in the world. It"s clear from this that it is not good for our environment which has a lot of problems in addition to this. one should note that using laptops make our study and work more productively and convenient. It is better for us,for our health. It"s better for our environment and therefore for world at whole.


in my opinion textbook was and will be the main source of information for student studying and it would be very difficult to replace it. There are a lot of disadvantages of laptops. The first one is that not everyone can afford a laptop which average price is about 250-700$. in this case it is easier and cheaper buy a textbook. What is more, there are actually not so much publishers who have CD version of their textbooks. also laptop can endanger owner by making him target for thiefs.
The second one is about health. If textbooks affect on developing back diseases, the laptops will have a bad effect on vision. When human stares at screen of laptop duering a long period of time the human's vision decreases.
And finally the third one is that students will be disattracted from studying by computer games and social networks.
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Posted by themohawkninja 5 years ago
"The laptops will have a bad effect on vision."

That isn't true. There is no correlation between the use of digital screens and eyesight.
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