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Should late term abortions be allowed?

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Started: 11/9/2018 Category: Society
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I am against late term abortions because I firmly believe that it is morally wrong to terminate a pregnancy in any stage. But late term abortions are, In my opinion, Worse. They are worse because as a fetus develops, Each and every day they become more like us. They are human just like me and you. I consider abortion to be murder. While I am not going to try to stand in the way of someone if they make the decision to abort a baby, I WILL say that I absolutely DO NOT agree with it.


Sorry. Sorta new to this whole debate/challenge thing. I'm actually anti-abortion, But I take several issues with your post or initial debate topic.

The human species is a process of continual development, From the moment of conception until death. A fetus 2 weeks old in-utero is no less human than one that is 5 weeks old in-utero or one that is 2 days old after birth, Or a 15 year old after birth or a 90 year old after birth. They are all human. So to say killing one is worse than killing the other is ludicrous-- it's basically saying it's ok to kill some, But not others. Granted, A 2 week old fetus, May not look like a 22 week old fetus or a fetus that is 39 weeks gestation. But, A 1 year old infant looks nothing like a 15 year old and neither one looks nothing like a 90 year old. But the bottom line, Each one is a unique and distinct member of the human species, With it's own DNA, It's own genetic makeup, And each one is worthy of protection as a human being.

To say you think abortion is murder, But will not stand in the way of someone who makes the decision to abort a baby is simply an outrageous and untenable position. You argue it's murder, But you will not do anything to prevent the murder? That's like me saying, "While I agree that killing a 55 year old person is murder, I will not stand in the way of someone if they choose to kill a 55 year old person". That is a weak and immoral position.
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate your viewpoint. And I totally understand what you are saying. I agree that anybody at any stage of life is human. And I did not mean that I would allow murder to occur. What I saying is that if a woman chose to abort her baby, I am not going to put that woman down for making that decision. Each woman should be able to make a decision for themselves. And while I don't support abortion and would never agree to it for myself, I am not gonna over step my boundaries.

Also, Let's make some agreements.

1) no putdowns
2)speak respectfully

Thank you.


I'm sorry. I'm not intending to demean or put your down. I was just trying to show how the argument "I may disagree with it, But I will not stand in the way of someone who wishes to do it" is not a morally defensible position when it comes to such things as murder, Theft, Rape. . . . Or abortion.

So let me get this straight. You are opposed to murder, Correct?

You believe that terminating a pregnancy, Killing an unborn child, Be it 1 week-2-weeks or 39 weeks, Is murder. But yet if someone is about to murder that unborn child (remember, You believe it's murder), You'd stand idly by and not do a thing?

Now, Suppose you see an infant, Let's say 9 months old, By itself in baby carrier at the park. Somebody left it there. Now you see another person approach the baby with a knife (or a gun or whatever), Clearly intending to kill that child. Yuu see this from about 50 yards away. What would you do? Would you try to intervene or try to stop it in some way? Or would you stand idly by, And not want to over-step your boundaries?

Now suppose it's an 80-year old man. . . Sitting on a park bench. Perhaps he's hard of hearing. . . Perhaps he can't speak. He's sitting on a bench. And someone comes up behind him, Again, Clearly intending to kill him. YOu see this from afar. What would you do? Would you try to intervene and stop the taking this innocent life, Or would you stand idly by, Not wanting to interfere with someone who's made the decision to do something you don't agree with?

What's different in all 3 scenarioes? What's common? The common factor is all 3 involve the killing of a person.

How would you rank all 3 "victims" in terms of their ability to defend themselves?
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