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Should learning a foreign language in high school be mandatory?

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Started: 10/26/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I do not think that foreign language should be mandatory. A classroom is not the ideal location to learn a second language. The best way is to be around people who speak that language and learn like that instead of from a book. This is my first time on so please forgive me if I am unfamiliar with some stuff.


It's ok bro. It is my first time to. I think that learning a second language should be mandatory. For instance, I was homeschooled. In my curriculum I was required to to learn Latin. Now, at the time I thought that Latin would be useless, but it really helped with learning more languages, or even to understand English better. I don't think that Spanish or French should be required, but I do think that Latin should be a mandatory language to learn.
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Round 2. Let's go. Learning a second language can help. However, English is the language of business. If someone wants to learn another language to assist them, they should have the opportunity. What about those who aren't interested though? Should they be forced to take a class that they will just forget everything they learned because they aren't interested? Isn't it more beneficial for the student to take a class he benefits from? I feel that the foreign language classes can exist but they shouldn't be forced.
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Posted by fixedwounds 2 years ago
Actually as a student who used to have french as a mandatory subject in both elementary and middle school, I hated french, but later on after getting to understand it I literally loved it, and I am semi-fluent in french now. so without having the school to force me to leant it, this wouldn't have happened and i would become uninterested in learning languages.
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