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Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?

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Started: 3/16/2014 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I affirm the following resolution: Marijuana should be legalized in the United States.

No trolling, forfeiting, or cursing.

Round 1: Acceptance, and state your position
Round 2: Arguments/state your case
Round 3: Attack opponents case, rebuild own
Round 4: Final attack, explain why you should win

Good luck.


The debate seems to be running now, not sure why it wasn't in the first place. Now, I will be taking the side of marijuana should not be legalized for recreational use in the United States. It causes far more harm than good. Note, I am not speaking about medical marijuana. I am pro medical marijuana.
Debate Round No. 1


Bill Hicks once stated, "Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn"t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?"
Unlike Alcohol, that is addictive, a depressant, causes cancer, 1 million deaths per annum, cost police and nhs billions, death via OD and destroys brain cells, Marijuana is Non addictive, anti-depressant, cures cancer, zero deaths in history, saves police and nhs billions, no od, and grows brain cells.
Some resources are stated here:
So, why shouldn't citizens be allowed to have marijuana when it holds no negative effects on us, and in fact, improves our health?

Note that legalizing marijuana doesn't mean legalizing smoking in schools, certain places.

Prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana.
The government has tried to use criminal penalties to prevent marijuana use for over 75 years and yet: marijuana is now used by over 25 million people annually, cannabis is currently the largest cash crop in the United States, and marijuana is grown all over the planet. Claims that marijuana prohibition is a successful policy are ludicrous and unsupported by the facts, and the idea that marijuana will soon be eliminated from America and the rest of the world is a ridiculous fantasy.

Marijuana is not a lethal drug and is safer than alcohol.
It is established scientific fact that marijuana is not toxic to humans; marijuana overdoses are nearly impossible, and marijuana is not nearly as addictive as alcohol or tobacco. It is unfair and unjust to treat marijuana users more harshly under the law than the users of alcohol or tobacco.

and finally, Marijuana is too expensive for our justice system and should instead be taxed to support beneficial government programs

I wish good luck to my opponent.


Marijuana HAS been a cause of death. "Marijuana users have a 4.8-fold increase in risk of a heart attack during the first hour after smoking because of the drug's effect on your heart rate." ( ) Marijuana causes reflexes and motor skills to decline. Because of this, car accidents are caused by smoking weed, and this leads to more deaths. Marijuana does not grow brain cells either. Just because there has not necessarily been an overdose doesn't mean death due to marijuana is avoided.

Marijuana is also addictive. ( ) There will be more students getting suspended for smoking weed on their school campuses and more parents getting upset. Weed destroys futures.

Short-Term Marijuana Effects
-Rapid heart rate
-Increased blood pressure
-Increased rate of breathing
-Red eyes
-Dry mouth
-Increased appetite
-Slowed reaction time
-Distorted sense of time
-Magical or "random" thinking
-Short-term memory loss
-Anxiety and depression
( )

We already have to deal with alcohol. Don't let America turn into Mexico with a drug dealer on every other street. Do you assume that we should legalize cocaine, krokodil, and heroin while we're at it? You don't have to allow every new drug that comes your way.
Debate Round No. 2


No, I am not saying that we should legalize other drugs either.

And these side effects are not much compared to other drugs, including alcohol, and over the counter pills clearly mark same side effects. Should we mark those illegal as well?

And note, do NOT get confused with synthetic marijuana. These two are completely different drugs.

As I stated before, marijuana helps with depression, and other physical and mental health problems.

The only thing my opponent is doing, is saying that marijuana CAN act just like any other over the counter drugs, but
for the most part is beneficial.


You shouldn't mark over the counter pills illegal because unlike recreational marijuana, they have a helpful purpose. There are plenty of anti depressants. And for physical problems, such as cancer, it becomes medical marijuana, no? I stated above that I am not against marijuana for medicinal purposes. But recreational marijuana should be banned, as it is only destructive to society. No one NEEDS it.
Debate Round No. 3


I Never stated that over the counter pills should be illegal. I said, my opponent is relating side effects LIKE over the counter the pills, and if my opponent believes the side effects (although not severe) are the reason to make marijuana illegal, it is like saying making over the counter pills illegal. And yes, marijuana does cure cancer, but what cures it, prevents it, yes? so how come ONLY people with cancer can get it? And since it also helps with depression, shouldn't anyone use it too? And with these statements, maybe some citizens DO need it. And yes, we have things that are legal that we don't NEED but we have, so my opponent provided an invalid argument.
And, marijuana will prevent people (specifially young people) from using harmful drugs, such as heroin, or meth, therefore will prevent more deaths involving drugs, and since marijuana, (as I stated with resources) IS beneficial in our health, it should be legalized.

In conclusion, I urge your affirmation to legalize marijuana as it will be beneficial to our health, prevent deaths in young people, and serve as a depressant for people who do not choose to go to the doctor.
Most teens, or other people, choose not to say they are depressed, therefore never go to the doctor, and legalizing marijuana will help with those needs.


Sorry I took a while for my reply, I had things to do.

What I was trying to say was that even though over the counter pills have similar effects, they serve a meaningful purpose, unlike recreational marijuana. Unless a doctor were to prescribe medical marijuana, you do not need it. I find it hard to believe that inhaling marijuana through a joint is safe. It is not beneficial to health. And notice how addicts of hard drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, always start their stories with how it started with marijuana? It IS a gateway drug. It leads to a life of destruction and failure.

Just because marijuana helps with depression doesn't mean it will have effects to make the situation CAUSING depression worse. For example, many social relationships and job opportunities are destroyed due to the usage of marijuana. There are pills for depression, you don't need a drug to just worsen the situation.

Overall, marijuana hurts more than it helps.
Debate Round No. 4
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