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Should middle schoolers have recess?

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Started: 3/8/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Recess in middle school is a unnecessary waste of time, it gives kids a chance to get in more trouble than they already are, sometimes you are having a bad day and just want to scream at the top of your lungs at someone but if you do that you will get in trouble. When you are angry you typically will let it out on someone else and when someone does something annoying you will probably end up doing something you regret. Middle schoolers do not know how to deal with their emotions and instead of working out there problems civilly they get in fights. Recess is good in the lower grades to blow some steam, but in middle school there is passing period. Passing period almost adds up to the time of recess and you get to walk around. One reason why this claim is true is because middle schoolers are also not trustworthy, they could sneak off and then the school might even land in legal trouble for not watching the child, middle schoolers are very sneaky and if they want to sneak out of school they can. Middle schoolers will have be much more likely to get in trouble if recess is added. "Bullying is never fun, it is a cruel and terrible thing to do to someone. If you are being bullied, it is not your fault. No one deserves to be bullied, ever" (Rodriguez). It has been proven that when middle schoolers are left alone unsupervised they will most likely get in trouble. Middle schoolers, not all being watched at once can be dangerous. If one was to fall and be knocked out and no one was to see that could be very dangerous and the school could possibly get sued. In conclusion recess would be a very dangers activity. "It also wastes teachers time in fact, a relative of mine who teaches often laments that much of her time these days is spent dealing with issues outside of teaching, from discipline to bad manners and emotional distress" (Daily). Even though middle schoolers are being watched by teachers they can not all be supervised at once leading to safety hazards. "Public school systems are increasingly afraid of lawsuits from parents of children who get hurt on the playground" (Kumar). Problems like fights, drugs, and much more can occur. Some people might say that recess can give you much needed exercise and can help with social skills ut they are wrong because it can lead to fights. They are saying that we need more exercise but that is exactly what pe is for, and we can socialize perfectly fine during passing period. They think that recess helps "stay focused" and improve grades but I will not believe that until I see factual evidence. This means that all of those claims have no validity, proving that recess will not be added to middle school and will only add more stress and hassle to all of our lives. Recess is supposed to reduce stress not add it. If recess was to be added we would have much more homework, with the amount of homework we have already it would be hard to go to bed at a reasonable time. Furthermore recess is a waste of time because we need "More Instructional time in class" (Daily). Thus proving that recess is useless. In conclusion Recess is a unnecessary waste of time that will make everyone get in trouble much more. Middle schoolers can not control their emotions, nor can high schoolers thus proving that the onyly people that should have recess are elementary schoolers. Middle schools without recess have been functioning perfectly fine and will for years to come.

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I have to begin my statement by saying Recess, is clearly not a waste of time.

1. Why does recess help kids learn better? : Humans learn better and faster when their efforts are distributed, rather than concentrated. This has been proven in research studies conducted every year from the mid 1800's and up to now. When kids aren't focused on a single task their subconscious works the problem, since kids aren't able to process information as quickly as adults, recess is specially beneficial to children.

2. Can I get some science? : We're going to blow right by the facts that recess develops very important social and physical traits as well as skills, but instead go straight into the brain, not only does physical activity stimulate every part of your brain movement increases the capacity (and possibly even the number) of blood vessels in the brain. This expedites the delivery of oxygen, water and glucose ("brain food"), thereby optimizing the brain"s performance. The physical activity not only improves the children's moods (very important for absorbing information) but also have better academic performance when their anxiety, anxiousness has been reduced, even helps children that have mental disorders focusing on work do better at staying on task. Light is a natural stimulant and penetrates your entire epidermal layering, sunlight stimulates the pineal gland, which is the part of the brain that helps regulate our biological clock. It is vital to the immune system, and simply makes us feel better. Outside light also triggers the synthesis of vitamin D, which a number of studies have demonstrated increases academic learning and productivity.

3. A break helps everyone! : Not only do the kids benefit from recess, a teacher is given moments of free time to relieve their bladder without worrying about the children, organizing a work schedule, or taking a moment to get a breath of fresh air themselves, after all, stimulus and sunlight is good for everyone of every age!

4. Back to the physical and social skills: Many children suffer from obesity, but even children at healthy weight levels benefit from physical activity, and in fact require it for optimal health. Recess may be the only time during the day when children have an opportunity to socialize, children don"t engage in the neighborhood play of earlier generations, so once the school day ends, there may be little chance for unstructured, natural social development. And kids that do play at school are less likely to bully, and more likely to have a healthy physical life after school ends.

I get my sources from actual neurosurgeons and credited companies with a lot to loose from putting out false information about brain development since their entire company model is to study the brain using actual doctors, not tabloids like Fox News.
Debate Round No. 1


First, of I would like to say 21% of your work is plagiarised (you didn't use proper MLA format).
This will be my counter-argument to your points,

1. This is about middle schoolers and you repeatedly said "children" and "kids" I would refer to middle schoolers as teens. You said that it is a fact that humans can learn better when their efforts are distributed and that is true, but middle schoolers have passing periods and pe.

2. Honestly, your argument makes no sense. You say that it helps develop social skills and such but that is exactly why we have lunch, recess, and P.E. And let me restate, this is about recess in middle school NOT the elementary school.

3. Wrong again, teachers have planning periods and passing periods where they can go to the restroom, plan and do pretty much anything else they like.

4. I don't know where you are living but there is a ton of socialization at lunch and passing period. Furthermore, I see kids neighbor kids playing outside as I type this.

5. You say fox news is a tabloid? Also, I did a bit of research on your website and they have had a few incidents where they have had false information.


1. I'm obviously a lot older than you.... "Middle School" might as well be a baby to me. Research shows kids of this generation never get outside. They got there noses stuck on social media and video games. They need to be outside If kids don't go outside they won't be very healthy. Recess also relieves stress. It would be good right before a test. I think all middle schools should have recess.
This is a response to your 1 and 4.

2. Your ability to understand doesn't negate my argument.
Seperately, as par of the "planning periods" and social issues see 3.

3: Most teachers may decide to use preparation periods to write lessons, grade papers, analyze student data, meet with parents, students or colleagues or other professional responsibilities. So when you have an actual life with actual events happening in it, sometimes you have to react to those events. Such as a student misbehaving or disrupting the class, recess is good for teachers because it gives them this extra time, don't make me repeat myself again or I will consider this debate won.

In response to you using a tabloid and then defending it
4. When over 73% of your statements can't be considered "Remotely true" that isn't just a tabloid, it's blatant propaganda and to not only use it but defend it really takes away most of your credibility.

5. A break is good. It does not have to be long a time. Just time to sit and have a snack or maybe catch up with a teacher. If you are having a long and stressful day a break can help and give you time to calm down and get organized. I think middle school should have a small break in the day.

IE: The point you made earlier about "Lunch P.E. " you yourself included "recess" for a social time. Then berated me for it. You could've used more recess in school. Pretty sure you have no ground left to stand on. But don't jump off a cliff.

6. Finally you have to rest your brain from thinking so much. According to you'll work better if you rest your mind. They also said that you would get better ideas by having a rest. The page also includes "stress leads to heart disease, depression, digestive problems, obesity, and other health problems. Long-term health troubles could take you away from the business you"ve built. Taking time to unwind now can help relieve stress" which means that stress from not getting time to rest your brain will result in heath problems.

7. Middle school needs recess because its too big of a leap from elementary school. They need fresh air, to run around , and to rest their brain. Some people may that there's enough exercise from gym, recess is distraction, and there's not enough aids. I know for a fact and you do too that recess improves thinking, the benefits of physical activity fresh air and thought calibration are just the beginning of long term benefits, and there's an overload of parents on the waiting list to be recess aides and that all of your excuses are just that, mistakes.

And adults needs recess too, I didn't mean just children obviously the benefits don't just apply to middle school children, they apply to homosapiens.
Debate Round No. 2


I"m gonna make this short and sweet, I don"t know what fancy rich kid private middle school you went to but if they added recess there would be nothing but rape and drug deals.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Tambythegiant 3 years ago
Lol so I guess after I totally decimated you, you had to close the debate without letting me finish because you were so embarrassed. Bravo douchebag.
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