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Should our whole country get rid of the death penalty?

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Started: 3/9/2017 Category: People
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I believe that our country should get rid of the death penalty in all states. The reason I believe this is because to many people that are accused of murdering or doing something that they didn't do have been put on death row. We should get rid of this method of trying to destroy evil because the people will have to suffer more in a prison getting beat up and thinking about their crime every day of their life. With recent DNA test we have discovered many people that have been spending their life in a jail on death row that were not actually the person who created the crime.


While the risk of wrongful execution may once have been an issue, it simply isn't relevant anymore. There have been numerous advances in forensic science recently (like DNA testing) allowing for definitive proof of guilt. And there's an extraordinarily rigorous appeals process involved in actually sending a criminal to the execution chair these days, which ensures that nobody can be executed without that sort of definitive proof. There are entire organizations devoted to post-mortem exonerations, yet all of their exonerations involve people who were executed decades ago. If Pro's argument held any weight, we'd see some recent cases of innocent people being executed. But no such cases exist. Look for yourself. The risk of wrongful execution has become non-existent, and thus Pro's argument is debunked.

In fact, TURN this argument.

As a result of the rigorous appeals process, the level of scrutiny that death penalty cases receive is wayyy higher than the level of scrutiny that regular cases receive. There are zero recent instances of people being exonerated after execution, whereas there are many instances every year of people being exonerated after serving several years in prison. In other words, by keeping the death penalty around as a punishment, that higher level of scrutiny will be invoked more often, and there will actually be fewer innocent people getting thrown in jail.

And let's not forget the #1 reason for why we should keep the death penalty legal:


Comprehensive analyses of the most recent crime data show that there is a significant deterrent effect associated with the death penalty. Every execution saves approximately 3-18 lives. Examine:
This is common sense. If people know that pre-meditated murder is punishable by death, then anybody pre-meditating a murder is obviously going to factor that risk into their decision, and some will back off.

The death penalty saves lives and livelihoods. Getting rid of it would be an atrocity.
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