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Should parents be punished for their child's crimes?

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Started: 5/6/2014 Category: Society
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I think parents should be punished for their children crimes or actions because the children mirror their parents.


Good day. I accept this debate and hope that it will be a good one. I think that I should let my opponent present his arguments first.
Debate Round No. 1


Minors lack the capacity to understand responsibility so parents are the one to be blamed for.


Before I point out my own arguments, I would first like to point out why my opponent's argument is incorrect.

Children, even from a very young age, usually know how to differentiate between 'right' and 'wrong'. Studies have shown that even children as young as 6 months are in fact capable of understanding the basics of what is useful for society and what is not[1]. So, even a young child would be aware if it was committing a crime, such as stealing.

Now, I will present some of my main arguments.

A child that commits a crime usually isn't only influenced by it's parents, but by other factors such as peers, economic status, personal problems etc.

Some of the most common juvenile crimes are: theft, vandalism, alcohol offenses and assault[2].

Theft is usually due to poverty. Alcohol offenses are almost always due to negative peer influence, since children/teenagers always want to 'fit in the group', even if it means risking their health and potentially getting into trouble. Vandalism and assault are, however, usually caused by the anger of the individual. This anger could either be a negative trait of the individual, the bad atmosphere at home or a mixture of both.

So, what if a crime committed by an individual was likely caused due to the negative atmosphere at home/influence from parents? Initially, try to solve the situation by punishing and rehabilitating the offender and determining whether or not the parents are raising their child well. If their raising of the child is deemed unsatisfactory, they would be warned and would need to improve the way they raise their child. If the child commits a crime multiple times afterwards and the parents' raising of the child is still deemed unsatisfactory, they could lose custody of the child.

Punishing parents when they haven't been involved in the crime would just start serious legal problems. Could we also punish the child's peers for their negative influence on the offender? Finally, simply punishing the parents wouldn't fix anything. The parents would pay a fine, the child would continue to be raised badly and would likely commit more crimes in the future.

Debate Round No. 2


noneya forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited the round, I feel that there is nothing left to add on my side.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's one sentence was grammatically incorrect. Pro failed to offer rebuttal (-conduct for not upholding commitment to topic). Pro offered no sources. Con's rational arguments supported by sources clearly hold more weight than Pro's one line assertion.

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