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Should parents hit their children as punishment?

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Started: 5/17/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
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Many cultures and people believe that hitting their children as a form of punishment is beneficial for the child. I'm not saying beat children I'm talking about how corporal punishment should be promoted in moderation. Corporal punishment sets boundaries for children and motivates them to do better, as stated by Okey Chigbo in a 2004 article. Harold Bennet, PhD, President and Dean of the Charles H. Manson Theological Seminary, stated, "children need to understand boundaries and I think that children need to understand that there should be punishments... in direct proportion to the improper behavior that they might demonstrate."


Corporal punishment can have long lasting physical and mental effects on children and should not be used as a way to set boundaries for children or as a means of motivation. Studies have been done to link corporal punishment and the effects both mental and physical over time. Romeo Vitelli from psychology today did a study in May 2016 titled "Spare the rod and spoil the child?" and he found that children who are physically punished were more likely to have problems with aggression and attention.
When corporal punishment is used it create aggression in a child because they become angry it then effects their attention not focusing and why they are being punished but that they are angry.

In the article by Jennifer Doleac and Nicholas J. Sanders, "Under the Cover of Darkness: How Ambient Light Influences Criminal Activity," The Review of Economics and Statistics, Dec. 8, 2015 they talk about the effects of corporal punishment stating "children who experience corporal punishment are more likely to relate forms of violence with power, and are, therefore, more likely to be a bully or abuse a partner."

Also, Catherine A. Taylor, Jennifer A. Manganello, Shawna J. Lee, and Janet C. Rice, "Mothers' Spanking of 3-Year-Old Children and Subsequent Risk of Children's Aggressive Behavior," Pediatrics, May 2010 states that "Studies have shown that frequent use of corporal punishment leads to a higher risk for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, stress, and other mental health concerns."

This shows why corporal punishment is not good for children because it doesn't teach them not to do it again but instead teaches them that violence is okay. Eventually those children grow into adults and will carry those acts punishment with them both mentally an physically.
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Posted by Krystalalexis 3 years ago
Is there a source that you got your information from that links the 1.8 billion people in India with lower crime rates due to the fact that parents hit there children?
Posted by Elmokh92 3 years ago
The 1st argument put forward by con is misleading and false.
The stats shown by studies indicate when the violence is committed with a wrong intentions it has a negative effect on the victim. But actually parents hit their kids for the kids' betterment, and they also love their kids which nullifies negative effects if any.
But if parents don't love there kids and hit them then the kids grow hostile.

In many countries hitting kids are still considered beneficial for the kids' future.
A country like India with population of 1.8 billion has crime rates lower that America. Because the kids have a fear when they do something wrong. This has in turn led to those kids who were beaten being more well mannered and non violent who were not.
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