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Should people Kneel During The National Anthem?

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Started: 10/10/2017 Category: People
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As we all know during the National Anthem football players are kneeling. Is it ok or not?'
I think not. I get that people are standing up for colored people but is it really ok to do it in the name of our country?


I will argue that people should feel free to kneel, regardless of reason.

People should never feel they have to even so much as respect a country, let alone stand for it. America itself is founded on the idea of standing up against a country, and that was in a violent way. this is a peaceful protest.

Some people, like me, it is simply not wanting to show support or love for a country that they simply do not. It is better to kneel and keep your integrity rather than stand and feel as a liar.

Debate Round No. 1


Ok I get the Con's point. It is a peaceful protest. But standing for the national Anthem is , I guess, not standing for the country but standing for the people who serve the country. Every year we have thousands of brave people go into war to protect us. If you wont stand for the country, stand for the people who made it possible for you to be free. I have nothing against colored people but they live in America to they are living today with a free will, the least they can do is sho respectt for the people who made it happen.


For many people including myself, kneeling for the flag and standing for it have nothing to do with those who have served at all, just the country as a whole. You can respect the willingness to risk your life for what you care about without agreeing with the thing they care about.

Many people feel wronged by this country and are just simply not wishing to show support for it in anyway, as it has not been good to them. Not everyone feels so free, nor did they choose to have it even if they do feel free. No one owes this country respect, respect is an entity that must always be earned.

I come from a military family, and my father died in war. I truly hate that argument because I love and respect my father and family, but I will never stand for the country.
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