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Should people be alowed to own guns?

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Started: 1/3/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Guns are wepons desighed to kill. This is the only reason you would need a gun for self-defence: other people have guns.
Police with guns
Acording to "More people died from police violence in 2017 than the total number of U.S. solders killed in action around the globe." Why should police have guns if all they are going to do with thm is shoot people?
Why hunt when you can buy meat at the grocery store? it is an excuse for people to own guns.



Guns should be allowed because they are mostly used as self-defense weapons.
The self-defense view of the argument is that criminals will always get there hands on guns. Las Vegas was Illegally bought and illegal modifications to illegal guns, Columbine was an Illegally bought gun, the Texas Church was with an Illegal gun. Another thing in common to all three prementioned instances was that they were in gun free zones too. No amount of regulation will be ever able to stop a criminal they are by definition a person who committed a crime. A crime like breaking gun control laws.
In the case of Police with guns with police are people with targets on their backs they fear for their lives every day and without guns, there will be no police officers ever because they will get shot or killed the second they walk out of the police station for any reason. In addition, every time an officer discharges a weapon there is a case review by the Police Department and a MASSIVE amount of paperwork. In addition, most cases of police violence are because of a person doing a shady movement towards an officer or a civilian and police officers are trained to notice these clicks of possible threats. One instance happened in my hometown in 2014 was the Tamir Rice Case. The Officer told Tamir to show his hands, but instead of showing he has Tamir went to reach for something. Not knowing what he was doing the Officers thought it would be a threat to their lives they discharged at the boy.
And to your last point, there are people who live in Isolated places of the United States. I have family in West Virgina and they can be so secluded from a grocery store that it's a days journey. In addition venison, deer meat is not sold in most stores but is a meat a lot of people like. There are also gators in Flordia that become violent and for the protection of the society, hunters will kill dangerous animals.
Debate Round No. 1


For your points on self-deffence and police:
Four countries have banned guns (Australia, uk, japan, and germany) and in all four of thoose counries the amount of gun-related crime decline significantly. And the number of police deathes went DOWN. (source:
For your point on hunting:
I do not belive that anyone lives a days journey from a grocery store. Why live so far from a grocery store that it is nececary to hunt and gather for food? And in the united states? it does not seem posible. There are also many none gun-related ways to conrol alligators such as chemical repentents, not agrivating them in the first place, and, according to newsweek, just poking them in the nose.

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Posted by picklerickfaggotboi 3 years ago
if you are in a robbery or a shooting and you want to defend your family then you need a weapon to do so. If guns get taken away from civilians criminals will still be able to get them and there will be MORE shootings as criminals know we cannot defend ourselves. Also guns are a hobby for many people, they are fun to shoot and help people get out of the house more. Hunting is not just for food, hunting is fun and helps with population control which the US is struggling with currently and for some family's buy meat at the store constantly is very expensive so getting 100-200lbs of venison for $0-$150 is a really good deal. That and store bought meat is not always good for you as it is highly processed or $15 more for 1lb of grass-fed meat. Guns are good for, self defense, keeping less criminals on the streets, food and entertainment.
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