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Should people get pulled over for driving to slow?

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Started: 3/27/2017 Category: Cars
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I think people should not get pulled over for driving to slow. Do you?


To begin, I would like to offer an observation or two in order to clarify the debate. As my opponent has not stated their position on the debate, or allotted the first case for acceptance only, I will clarify my position and that's what we will debate.

I would also like to provide some basic rules for the debate
1. no ad hominems
2. sources only need to be cited if you make an argument that logically requires one.
3. standard rules regarding new arguments in final arguments apply
4. standard rules regarding dropped arguments apply.

I believe that when someone is driving slow to the point where it becomes dangerous or ridiculous, they should be pulled over. If someone is driving incredibly slowly on the highway, they could disrupt traffic and cause many people to be late for their jobs or various appointments. If they are driving slowly in a neighborhood, they could cause major traffic congestion as people end up lining up behind them on narrow roads blocking the entrance to those roads and potentially causing people to be unable to leave their homes.

It's important to note that "slow" does not mean driving cautiously. the term "slow" in regard to driving should only apply when the individual in question is driving at a speed that no one should drive at. When a driver's actions pose a threat to others on the road, they should be brought under control. whether they're going fast or slow.
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Posted by passwordstipulationssuck 3 years ago
oh joy. why does everyone forfeit?
Posted by passwordstipulationssuck 3 years ago
Looks like he's going to forfeit. how dull.
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