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Should people go to jail for kicking a cat?

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Started: 4/17/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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People should go to jail for kicking a cat because it is a very cruel and inhumane behavior. Nowadays, pets like cats or dogs have played an important role in our life, some people even take them as one of their family members. Human being is a life ,while a cat is also a life, we ought to respect every life. However, some people like to kick pets or kill pets for fun, even eat them. Kicking a cat is to give it unnecessary pain, it means animals abuse. People's desire will never be satisfied, if the people who abuse animals but not being punished, the desire will expand, and it is possible to become human abuse. How inhumane it is! So people should go to jail for kicking a cat.


I would have to say in fact I would go and say any stray cat needs to be put down in whatever way possible. The house cat wreaks havoc on ecosystems and biomes. Great examples of this can be found in areas such a New Zealand and the United States of America. Here in America many birds species have gone extinct or endangered due to stray cats killing for prize to appease their owner or killing for survival. It has been recognized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as one of worst non native invasive species on the planet. So go on ahead and kick that cat you will be helping the environment while you do so. So should someone be jailed for the erradication of a species which causes so much havoc?. Think of the measures we take for Snake head fish and Hogs here in the South Eastern United States. Cats are higher on the list than both of these animals according to the IUCN.
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Posted by jo-el 1 year ago
they should rot in jail for harming an innocent cat no matter what the age
Posted by MartinMC 2 years ago
praise jesus, spread the word of the second coming of christ.
Posted by Mellisa123 2 years ago
No, they shouldn't go to jail, because its not a crime, killing somone, rape, etc are crimes, but the cat should be taken away from the person and should serve a differnt punishment
Posted by Elispan 2 years ago
Actually I'm new here. I just found such an interesting website about debate this morning. And in fact, I will have an debate on this theme with my classmates the day after tomorrow. I'm pro side. The grade is for the final exam. So I'm here to ask for help, ask for some strong points or arguments to support my side. I'll appreciate if u give me some advices. Thanks !
Posted by Eve9732 2 years ago
Whether or not people should go to jail for kicking a cat greatly depends on the age of these people.Obviously your not going to want to send a child to jail just because he/she kicked cat,instead you advise them on why its wrong to do so since sending them to jail isnt going to change anything.On the other hand,if this person is an adult then the tables turn since kicking a cat depending on the contex is considered animal abuse.I believe the theme should be altered a bit for this to be a meaningfull debate.
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