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Should people only have sex and kiss once married.

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Started: 8/8/2019 Category: Society
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I"ll be taking on the role of debating for sex after marriage I would like someone to take on the other side and give me a good debate. Just because I say something doesn"t mean I feel that way I am saying it so we can argue against it and find the best reasoning so please give me all you got. I was reading about how a woman was very proud that she saved herself and gave her virginity to her husband why is that so important? And that men who marry non virgins are considered fools for marrying a women like that and that men is allway disrespected and shamed for having a non Virgin bride because it"s like being okay wearing someone else"s used underwear and their not great enough to to have their own new pair that they got a women who doesn"t completely love him and will allways have love and feeling for another so their marriage is bad because they don"t truly love each other and can"t truly love each other at the same level and can"t experience the high experience of love, Connection, And togetherness that a couple who"s married as virgins can? What do you think would society be better of people waited till marriage for sex or not and what about people who think that"s stuff about you an your marriage that you can"t experience the same level of love as giving yourself sexually to your one and only only?


I assume you mean sex between two human beings, I have heard of people marrying odd things. It can be said that people in general are prone to smell and become "hard on the eyes" given enough time. You can primp and preen but sooner or later you are going to be nasty to be around. The only thing that remains constant, In my humble opinion, Is the content of one's character. If you spend time with someone and are convinced that your characters will mesh, You can be confident that you will be able to withstand the awful, Disgusting naughty-business that is part of marriage. Why ruin it all before the arrangement is set in stone? Do as you please, But I believe it is best to keep your pants on as long as possible my friend.
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Posted by Mao_Zedongs_Son 2 weeks ago
I think the one kiss rule is a fabulous idea. It will benefit people by preventing people in risky behavior and protect people from STDs.
Posted by missmedic 2 weeks ago
A marriage license does not give you consent to have sex and kiss. And consent between adults is the only thing needed to have sex and kiss. Does virginity have any real value?
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