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Should philosophy be carried as an optional class in most highschools?

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Started: 9/9/2017 Category: Philosophy
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(I am a freshman in high school, this is my first debate so sorry if I don't do such a great job.)

is a great class for thinking about humanity, politics, real life, and much more.
In colleges, it has been proven that those who took philosophy actually had more discipline and worked harder in there other classes. Philosophy helped open up the beauty and truth of nature and existance, as it helps the students learn to think outside of the box, and teach personal opinions in the world. Some think that it would be hard to grade the class, but from speculation and study, I believe that it should/could be graded based on learning personal opinion, and developing theories based on opinions, and simply understanding that philosophy is different for other people. In conclusion, I believe that philosophy is a great class that should be allowed in highschools.


I would absolutely agree with your assertion that philosophy is good for thinking. What I reject is that the high schools are actually capable of presenting philosophy without making politics. I have relatives still in high schools who complain about how English classes deal very little with composition and writing quality, which is what they ought to be for, and rather about social issues and polemic, which if that was even-handed perhaps I would permit philosophy, but the fact of the matter is that I submit that it is impossible, especially for essentially untrained, essentially professionally unsupervised high school teachers to present in a fair manner opposing viewpoints. High school teachers have difficulty articulating in a compelling manner the positions they DO want students to believe (which they shouldn`t be doing anyway), there is no way that they are capable of providing a fair presentation of views which they do not hold. So your proposed high school philosophy class would be indoctrination. The children would not learn, as you would hope, how to think, but rather, how to think how the teacher wants you to, which in my opinion is not thinking at all.

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Posted by ViceRegent 2 years ago
Abolish government schools and the issue goes away.
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