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Should phones be allowed in school?

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Started: 4/4/2018 Category: Education
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Phones should be allowed in school because scientists discovered that listening to classical music actually calms your brain and makes you even more focused during a test.


OK, just to clarify, it appears my opponent is arguing on the Pro(positive) side based on initial argument. Instead of starting a new debate, I'm happy to continue with this set up, though to clarify it is I arguing on the Con side.

To begin, Having a phone in an examination and having a phone in school are two different arguments to be had.
Physically having a phone in school is of course something that should be allowed for reasons of communication between parents/ guardians and the like.

Usage of the phones(to which I believe is the point of the debate based on my opponents first argument) should be limited to lunch/ break periods of the school day. In my opinion it would be highly disrespectful to the teacher/ lecturer if a student is "listening to music" when said teacher/lecturer is trying to do their job. The students focus would be else where. As well as the fact that if a student were listening to music, whats to stop the student from, texting or messaging, playing games. It defeats the purpose of school, A phone is a luxury item and should not be used in the school setting unless it is strictly used for research.

In the case of examinations, not only are they a test of memory but also a test to the aptitude of understanding. In a classroom or test/examination hall, not every student may benefit from listening to music to better their focus, so it's best not to distract other students with the fiddling of phones and the distraction itself of music coming from the headphones.
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