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Should planned Obsolence be an Illegal buiness model?

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Started: 10/4/2017 Category: Society
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My argument is that planned obsolesce create's too much trash that can't be recycled or reused and that it harms the environment. Every day i see the consequences of this Business model in my forests and lakes.


First, planned obsolesce does not cause litter in forests and lakes, people who are inconsiderate of their environment cause litter in the forests and lakes.

Second, planned obsolesce of products is a necessity for companies who want to keep up an image with their products. When I first heard of windows phones, it was from a friend who complained about his phone always being slow and unresponsive. Hearing his gripes, I drifted away from the idea of looking into windows phones. Having everyone generally be on the same page prevents people from getting such bad impressions of your products.

Third, from an environmental standpoint, planned obsolesce is a good thing. As technology becomes more efficient and less harmful to nature and the Earth as a whole, getting rid of our older technology is important. However, I would concede that currently there are more than a few companies who make properly getting rid of electronics and other appliances harder than it should be.
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However Planned Obsolesce waste's resources and everyone's time. Even though planned Obsolesce can replace inferior technology, The innovations newer Tech has isn't a huge difference. Look at the I phone 4 to I phone 5, Nothing was changed other than the name and a few Chips that didn't hardy improve performance in some areas that are vital.

And worse of all, a lot technology in the Medical field is also victim to planned obsolesce. Some parts of wheelchairs are flimsy with that intention, Some medical augments break and Pacemaker batteries still use Uranium instead of a safer and longer lasting battery like thorium. It isn't about replacing technology because the first versions were so bad, Its about making sure there is a reason to replace and capitalize on people who are in great need of these products.

You simply can't justify milking cash out of the disabled and the dull minded. If it hurts people, it hurts people and there needs to be a better alternative to planned Obsolesce.
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