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Should plastic surgery be limited only to people who really need it?

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Started: 3/25/2019 Category: Health
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Throughout many years plastic surgery has been used for the benefits of humans and repairing their bodies, This type of surgery has been used before our new 21st century technologies have come out, And although it seems beneficial, It"s purpose is being used for something that is morally wrong. Plastic surgery now is being used for things like butt lifts, Or boob implants, When in reality the surgery could be used for so much more and could be used for more beneficial things, Like helping people who need to be repaired from serious injuries, Etc. Therefore, Plastic surgery should be limited to people who really need it, And those people should be the top priority for doctors who perform plastic surgery.

Once again, I"m not saying BAN plastic surgery I"m saying LIMIT it and use it for it"s benefits, Not completely take away from the people who want butt implants but focus more on what"s important.


My opponent seems to think that we can EITHER give plastic surgery to those who need it OR use it for vanity. Why is this an either/or kind of problem? This is an example of a "False Dichotomy".
  • In Canada, We provide plastic surery for those who are wounded, Injured and have had surgery, Free of charge.
  • Canada also offers cosmetic surgery, Such as breast implants and nose-jobs but we are required to pay for these luxuries.
In the USA, Most health insurance plans cover emergency cosmetic surgery, But require people to pay for "vanity-based" cosmetic surgery. Modern countries have enough doctors to perform both types of operations.

It's not fair to say that we have to pick one or the other, Simply because you believe that boob implants are morally wrong.

Just because something is sexual or vain, Doesn't mean it's morally wrong. Miniskirts, Makeup, And muscle shirts are also worn to increase sexual attractiveness in the name of vanity. That doesen't mean they should be outlawed.
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Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
I don't see how plastic surgery can be for anything other than convenience or personal reasons. I would be okay with life saving or quality of life improving surgeries. Other ones I'm not okay with personally but I also don't think we should stop other people from doing it if they're not hurting anyone.
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